Lessons on Leadership for Women #2

Recently we hosted a summit for leaders who serve in our state convention offices (Southern Baptist). Selma Wilson, our vice-president and leader of B & H Publishing Group a division of LifeWay Christian Resources shared 10 valuable lessons with us about being women in ministry in a mostly male ministry world.  She has gained the respect not only of our leadership at LifeWay but across the Southern Baptist convention nationally. God has not only used her in powerful ways, but she has done it as a woman, and with grace that models leadership for us all.

This is part of a series of posts discussing these 10 points one at a time. You will be blessed as we all were when she shared them with us.  First of all, here are all 10 points in a list.

1.    Be Yourself
2.    Prepare to Lead
3.    Love the People…Build the Team
4.    Respect the Past (People, History, & Work)
5.    Listen & Learn
6.    Find Your Leadership Voice ( And Use It!)
7.    Be Seen and Heard (Communicate, Communicate, Communicate)
8.    Submission & Leadership
9.    Humility & Leadership
10.    Perspective…It’s not About You!

Let’s look at #2: Prepare to Lead

Do you ever just think you can “lead” without preparing ahead of time? Ever try it? Granted, sometimes we are called on to lead on the spur of a moment and we just do not have a lot of time to prepare. In that case we just have to pray and allow God to do what He’s asking us to do, even if prep time is short or non-existent!

Normally, we have at least a window of time between an assignment from God and the execution of that assignment. Proverbs 14:8a (HCSB) says, “The sensible man’s wisdom is to consider his way…” It’s imperative that we ask God’s direction and then follow His leading in each task He asks us to accomplish.

Whether we have a long or short (or NO!) time to get ready to lead, our most important preparation is spiritual as we walk daily in His presence, spending time in His Word, in prayer and in constant communication with the Father so that we are ready at any time to lead HIS way.

What do you do to prepare to lead?


Jesus on Leadership, Gene Wilkes

Mixed Ministry: Working Together as  Brothers and Sisters in an Oversexed Society, Edwards, Mathews, & Rogers

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