Heading Toward A Fresh Start

Cindi_1.jpg*Post by Cindi Wood
We’re on the back end of the holidays now, moving toward a glorious start to a new year, RIGHT???
I’m taking some deep breaths and slowly embracing the days ahead. I know that I’ll be much more likely to hold on to my sanity if I keep close to Jesus. By keeping close, I mean deliberately basking in His Word early each morning and thinking about Him and His Word throughout my entire day!
Girls, what a privilege that we get to choose Him. The peace and joy we experience on any given day are directly related to our CHOICE OF KEEPING CLOSE TO HIM! We make countless choices every single day. Why not determine to make the most important choice, the life-giving and life-sustaining choice during your waking moments tomorrow, and each day that follows. And, you get to keep choosing at the beginning of every single day and throughout the moments during the day.
For some reason, it seems that women regulate the attitude thermostat within the home. That’s why it’s critically important for YOU to pull away with your Heavenly Father. I’ve found there’s no better way to keep my attitude (and heart) in check. It’s a God-thing. As you make Him priority and time with Him the most important minutes of your day, He will bless you by overflowing you with His peace and the ability to extend that peace and grace to all those around you.
I’d love to pray with you…Lord, help me. I want to honor You by manifesting Your Love today, and the days ahead. I want my family to see You, hear You, and experience You … through me. Help me show them YOU as we enter into 2011. I’m loving and choosing YOU!


  1. Carol says

    Hi Cindi
    Thanks for your word today one thing I am asking God for is to help me understand my mom at times she is elderly and has some health problems I am the only child here with her I having been taking care of her for about 5yrs she still lives on her own but she is very petite weighs a total of 75lbs so anyway sometimes her and I butt heads and she likes to go out to eat but financially I cannot afford it all the time because being unemployed for a yr now and barely making enough to pay bills and nothing else sorry to ramble on but I need to be a little more understanding and help her to see Jesus in me and not to get my feelings hurt with her.
    Thank you
    Happy New Year

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