Christmas Funnies…You COULD be a Winner!


This is a re-post from 2009.  Please read and submit a video for the 2010 contest!

Ever had a Christmas where you had to laugh to keep from crying? One year, I’d worked long and hard to pick just the right gifts, wrapped them carefully and placed them beneath the tree so we could get curious and excited about what was in them. Our twins were in middle school or perhaps even late elementary school, but old enough to be left at home alone for short periods.

One night I was sitting on the couch and noticing how sloppily I’d wrapped the gifts. I looked closer only to see masking tape. Now I’ve NEVER used masking tape on a wrapped gift!  Found out one of my twins has unwrapped every gift to both girls while the other twin just watched. Now they knew everything they were getting for Christmas. I was furious at the time, but it has become a fun memory for all of us.

What are your funniest Christmas experiences? Capture it on video and send to us.  If you win the funniest video, you will win a prize!

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