Frazzled Female Friday

What’s your favorite way to de-stress during the holidays?
That’s the question-toss for today’s FRAZZLED FEMALE FRIDAY! As you view the video, turn up the speakers during the Heather/Cindi interview so you don’t miss one word of Heather’s tip for de-frazzling the holidays at her house. ( As Heather and Erin and I talked, we came up with other ways to de-frazzle, but decided this one was best for the video :-)
After viewing the segment, come back here and share YOUR favorite way to de-stress. Come on girls, get creative and enjoy some unwinding! Your answer may land you in the drawing to receive a Holiday De-Frazzler from Frazzled Female Ministries.
Encouraging a sister is great stress relief! Joys, Cindi

Holiday De-stressing from Cindi Wood on Vimeo.


  1. says

    I de-stress just by having my family around. Just laughing with each other and talking about Jesus and how He has made our life easier just knowing Him! Not just at Christmas time, but all through the year. That is a de-stresser in itself!! cla

  2. Ann Johnson says

    You and Heather were in our favorite seats. This year our de-frazzler has been JOlivers’s. Scott (my husband) and I have just had to put everything down, get in the car, drive to the coffee shop. Marcus gets a hot ceramic mug for us and we sit and talk and sometimes just be quiet. Do you know the Lord blesses our time there so much! Our cell phones even get silent (without us putting them on silent) when we take that intentional time out. It’s the craziest thing. You know, we have decided it is a God thing. He knows our heart and gives us our gift of a peaceful moment. After we leave, we are ready to pick up the busyness again. God is so sweet to honor all our efforts, if we let Him.

  3. Debbie says

    I love time with my family and Christmas would not be Christmas without it. The laughter,food and fellowship – priceless! Some of my best de-stressors, though, are enjoying the Christmas lights, listening to and singing Christmas music and spending time with Jesus – since it really is all about Him! And last but now least, is spending precious time with my best friend -relaxing and talking about Jesus and all He’s teaching us and doing in our lives, praying together and just encouraging eachother in Him. HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

  4. Teresa Davis says

    One of the ways that my family and I defrazzle during the season is to take a trip to Forest City, NC, to see the Christmas lights. We usually get a bite to eat as a family and ride through the downtown area to see take in the beauty and savor the time together. Merry Christmas to you all.

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