A Different Perspective For Women’s Leaders

This is a fabulous reminder to leaders, especially in the season of losing perspective about why we even celebrate Christmas!  Let guest blogger, Margaret Kennedy’s recent experience and message set your perspective on your Father today and throughout the holiday season. Start the new year with this continued perspective to help you journey deeper than you have ever been personally even as you lead the women in your church to do the same.

 I am seeing things differently these days.   Due to a gas bubble that was inserted in my eye following a detached retina surgery, my vision has been limited to only one eye.  Though it is not painful, the bubble has produced a constant low level pressure in the eye.  Yet through the discomfort of pressure and total loss of vision in that eye, God has given me a crash course in clarity from a different perspective. 

eagle christian.jpgHe reminded me of the eagle and how kin we are to the majestic bird.  By the time an eagle reaches maturity, the pectens in his eye are permanently set in such a way that when the eagle is away from his nesting ground, there is a sense of imbalance.  These pectens act as a built-in gyroscope for the eagle producing a constant pressure in the eagle’s eyes during times of migration.  The pain subsides, however, as the eagle returns to his nesting ground.  Thus making it not difficult for the eagle to find his way home even when thousands of miles away.  God has equipped him with this infallible sense of direction toward home. 

The Holy Spirit is our “built in gyroscope” causing a low level pain or pressure in our life when we, especially as leaders, get imbalanced in our ministry and consequently get too far or too busy to maintain our home position:  spending time alone with the Father.

I stand amazed that in the last month, with only one eye, I have seen twice as much of God and His working in my life and those around me, than I had seen in the prior month with two eyes wide open! How? I have spent more time listening than looking and more time praying than playing, and right in the middle of the busiest time of the year, He has required stillness and solitude.  And I settled down spending more time in my Sanctuary – my home place!  When my eyesight returns and I am told it will in another 10 days or so, I have begged God not to let me lose sight of His perspective. If this was an early Christmas present from my Father, I thank Him.  One I plan to keep all year long!


Margaret Kennedy.doc.jpg Margaret is a Biblical retreat and conference speaker, who also has a call for mentoring young women on her life.  She teaches a ladies class in her local church, which has been aired on a secular station for several years.  She has also had a daily radio program called heart friends.jpg“Threads of Hope” on a local Christian station.  She has been married to Ross for 17 years, and has 2 grown sons and 5 grandchildren.   She is a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier and co-author of Heart Friends: Beginning and Maintaining a Small Accountability Group.



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    What a wonderful illustration a difficulty in your life has made. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    I, too, was inflicted with pain almost 2 years ago. I totally believe it was a gift from God. It has helped me relate to women that deal with pain. I claimed 2 Cor. 1:3-4 and prayed that as I experience His comfort in my pain, I will the comfort others in theirs. If I had never been given the affliction, I would have no idea how to comfort others.
    Once again, thank you for the post!

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