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Recently at our Women’s Leadership Forum 2010, we had a panel answering questions submitted by attendees. Several upcoming posts will address those and try to help answer them. 

Today’s question is: As a lay leader, what is our role when our women’s ministry director is a " fly by the seat of your pants gal"? We are stressed out covering untimely planning and last minute changes.


On a team, often the director will be either more visionary or more administrative, but not normally
both.  If your leader is visionary, she desperately needs administrative help. Find someone who has the spiritual gift of administration and a heart for ministry with women. What a great team they would make as they work together with your entire team to keep things working effectively.

You must have a vision for the ministry and each event or activity or you will just be planning things to fill a calendar. At the same time, a vision without practical steps for accomplishing it, will be a vision that is not shared. So, the answer is you need both. Doing a gifts and personality assessment of your team can help each member understand each other so they can work together in unity even though the women are diverse in nature.

Another possibility is that you do not cover up for all the last minute changes and plans. You may have to let your director fail to see the need for effective planning. Don’t forget that you also need a balance of flexibility so that you allow the Holy Spirit to make last minute changes if He so desires. Plans and flexibility go hand in hand.

Then, I suggest you sit down with your director and let her know the stress level of those who are serving on her team. Perhaps if she understands she will see the need to find an administrative assistant who will help with those details that a visionary leader may lack.

Most important, pray, pray, pray…individually and corporately with your team so that you all see the vision and how to accomplish it through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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