Frazzled Female Friday!

From Cindi
. . .seems I notice the passing of time more during the holidays than in any other time of year. My dad was missing this year around our Thanksgiving table, and that was a HUGE MISS! However, we had grandbaby Durham occupying a new place…and next year, we’ll be making room for another Grandbaby Wood.
The seasons of life bring changes to holiday seasons, but, JESUS is constant! That reality refreshed my soul this morning, as my house is once again empty and I’m missing the noise, the clutter, and joy of having my family snuggled up with me inside our home.
May you take time during these Christmas Holidays to focus on the strong steadiness of Jesus! As you worship Him, thank Him that He IS the same yesterday, today, and forever! (Hebrews 13:8)
Enjoy the Christmas greeting from the Wood brothers!

Merry Christmas from the Wood Boys from Cindi Wood on Vimeo.


  1. Ann Johnson says

    Brandon and Lane, love that new fangled mic. Where can I buy one. The sound projection was awesome. ☺
    Like you guys, I love your Mom and her dedication to the Lord and the many ladies he has put in her care. You guys have reason to proud and joyful. BTW…Loved the Woodlable plug. For those of you who did not catch that.. Woodlabel Photography. You can find it on the web and facebook.
    Bye now!!

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