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evI_Women's_Forum_2010_teaser_429x192.jpgI am not even sure where to begin on this one!  We had an incredible time at LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center, NC, this month celebrating our 15th forum with over 1300 women! We were blessed by fabulous workshop leaders and topics, networking groups, worship led by Travis Cottrell and his praise team, messages by Beth Moore, Curtis Jones, Margaret Feinberg, and a panel of leaders.

But I think the highlight was the final session where the older women prayed over and commissioned the younger leaders. It was overwhelming to see so many young leaders at the forum, many for the first time. So many mentioned they can’t wait until 2011 Forum, which will be at LifeWay in Nashville next year!

Here is what Beth had them say to each other as before we prayed over the young leaders:


Ridgecrest Commissioning

Our Dear Daughters
And our beloved little sisters
This day on November 11, 2010
We publically acknowledge
Your high calling in Jesus Christ
And your vital place
In this generation
We pledge to be there for you
To give you what we have
To stand up for you
To pray for you
And to believe in what
God can do with you
In the power of Christ
You have what it takes
To carry to torch of the gospel
To your God-ordained generation
You are gifted by God
And fitted for your calling
At all costs
Resist comparison and competition
We are one Body
Our unity is in our diversity
Surrender yourself daily to LOVE
Humble yourself daily to truly LIVE
The future is in good hands
Because it’s in God’s Hands
Be strong and courageous
Be of good cheer!
Jesus is with you
And He will keep you strong till the end
Now unto Him Who is able
To keep you from falling
Be glory and majesty
Power and authority
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

Copyright 2010 Beth Moore


Next year our theme is “Decades…Because we are in this together.” Won’t you join us? We must reach all generations of women. As you study the differences in the generations at the 2011 forum, then discover ways to connect all the generations the heritage of faith continues to be passed down so that “future generations will know” (so that a future generation—children yet to be born—might know.” Psalm 78:6).




  1. says

    This commissioning was intensely meaningful to me. I haven’t felt much resistance from the older generations toward my calling to leadership (in fact I’ve usually had a good deal of support), but in the past I experienced considerable opposition from those my own age. For lots of reasons, the past few years I really began to question and doubt my calling and abilities. Part of that was a good thing because I came to accept that I have absolutely nothing in and of myself to offer anyone– only God does, and for some strange reason He decides to use me now and then. But something about this commissioning helped me regain some courage to keep following God’s lead, no matter where He takes me or what it ends up looking like. And seeing the generations bridged in such a large-scale, powerful way was absolutely a dream come true for me– God is SO up to something. I can’t wait for next year.

  2. Chris Adams says

    This truly does bless us to know God used the forum to confirm His call in your life! That was our prayer for the attendees and knowing God answered in your life and ministry is an answer to our prayers!

  3. Londa Tallant says

    I have no words to describe to the commissioning- even now reading the words spoken over me makes my eyes tear up. What a sweet time of Worship- How powerful- Life transforming.

  4. Chris Adams says

    I am SO grateful you were there Londa, and that this was a highlight for you. I know it was for all of us at LifeWay! Our goal was to connect the generations and commission the younger women for ministry. We will continue this thread next year at the 2011 forum in Nashville!

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