1. Debbie says

    Praise the Lord for your message today. I pray that many will “get it”. After walking with the Lord for 40 years, this MOST IMPORTANT truth is one that the Lord is constantly bringing to my mind and heart – especially lately – more than ever. As Cindi said, it’s one thing to know it in your mind while it’s quite another thing to grasp it in a way that you really live it out. Father, by your grace, help all who call on your Name, to “GET IT”. Your Word says that “we will know the truth and the truth will set us free”.

  2. Ann says

    Thank you Cindi for once again showing us how easy getting to Jesus is. Why do we make it so hard, when the truth is, all we need is to call on His name. Yes we must follow and live right, but the only place to start is in the calling of His name.
    Also I need the reminder to not always get so caught up in works. I so often get trapped in that mind set. Yes, as a Christian I need to do things for the Lord, but not at the expense of being so busy that I do not have time for HIM. You said it so well.
    I also, join Debbie in her prayer… Lord, help us all to GET IT. Your truth is so freeing and may we all embrace and cling to your freedom. Amen.

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