1. Carol says

    Thank you Cindi that is an encouragement to me I take care of an elderly parent and she has alot of health issues and I know one day God will take her home . But I know God will never leave me or forsake me or leave me alone Thanks again Cindi
    Have a great weekend

  2. Ann says

    I did feel like an orphan when my daddy passed away even though I was an adult. You are so right that we are not forsaken even though those parents are gone from us here, because we still have our Heavenly Father. I just appreciate your obedience in sharing your heart with us! Love, Ann

  3. Ann Johnson says

    As usual Cindi, the Lord has me listen at the exact time I need to hear the message He give you to share with us.
    Lately I have felt the need to take the world on my shoulders, yet you confirmed what the Doctors, my husband and others have told me. Only you did it with the Word and let me hear it from “the lips of Jesus” Himself. I am the little person. He is the BIG person. So with that I say “yes sir” and lay it all down at his feet, once again.

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