9 Guidelines for Women’s Bible Study

womenbiblestudy.jpgThe foundation of women’s ministry comes from ladies who desire to study God’s Word together. Bible study is the single most important ministry opportunity you can offer women. There is something powerful and life-changing when a group of women come together and open the Bible and begin to pray and study. Through Bible study, we see modern-day miracles happen: the healing of marriages, restoration of family relationships, finances put in order – the list goes on and on. You can develop a women’s Bible study ministry that is effective for life change.


Here are nine guidelines to paving the path for spiritual transformation:

1. Define the purpose of Bible study in your women’s ministry. Does God want to use Bible study groups to help your women develop better study habits? Pray about His goals for this Bible study ministry to women.

2. Choose the format. Will you have inductive, topical, lecture-style classes, or open discussions? You and your leaders should agree on study formats.

3. Select the right Bible study resources. Keep in mind the needs of the ladies in your church and community. Choose studies that will appeal to them. Don’t know where to start? Visit your local Christian bookstore or go online and search for a variety of topics and studies for Bible study resources.

4. Offer a variety of opportunities to study. Women are different and will have different needs! Consider the following options for studies to meet the needs of the array of women in your church: the amount of personal study homework required per day, different topics, and different “depths” of studies, to make sure the new and seasoned believer have a place.

5. Offer different locations and times for studies. Some women can meet at lunch their workplace, or an evening in a home, while others may prefer day time opportunities at the church where childcare is provided.

6. Recruit group leaders. Look for women in your church who are faithful in their walk with the Lord and willing to sit in the seat of a facilitator. And while we’re calling these ladies facilitators, we shouldn’t undermine the truth that although they may not be writing and explaining the study, they will still be “teachers” by example.

7. Publicize. Will you use your church bulletin, flyers, powerpoint, web site, Twitter and/or Facebook to advertise? Will your pastor make an announcement for you? Can your Sunday School or small group leaders help spread the word?

8. Launch! Pray as the start dates for the studies approach, and continue praying through the duration of the classes. Check in with leaders from time to time to see what else might be needed.

9. Evaluate. When the studies end, pass out evaluation forms (some of these can be found. Tell participants to be kind but honest as they fill them out. Regroup with your leaders and discuss how they think the studies went. Ask for suggestions on how you can improve your Bible study time for the next semester.

Bible study is the single most important ministry we can offer to women today. It will grow your ministry numerically and in spiritual depth. Using God’s Word as the foundation of your ministry, you are destined for certain success!

A few other helpfulresources for Bible studies and small groups can be found in our leadership books: Women Reaching Women and Transformed Lives.


Women Reaching Women book image.jpg

Transformed Lives.jpgCheck out a past blog post about Long Standing Bible studies for more information on this topic!


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