Simulcast Update & Roll Call!

The Day is finally here. Its a day when, Lord willing, Isaiah 55:11 will happen….
The Word of God will go forth from the Living Proof Live 2010 Simulcast with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell this coming Saturday. And It will go forth to:
596 Host sites
46 states
27 churches in Canada
11 different countries
5 military bases
1 College.
Outside of North America, we will broadcast in: New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Guam, Australia, Bahamas, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, and South Africa.
…and it will not return void!
There will be nearly 600 separate events. Each one has been planned on and prayed for for MONTHS! And each one will be as unique as each church is. Churches across the country and world will be full of Women seeking, worshiping and hearing from our God.
Here are highlights from the 2009 event. If your socks are on…prepare for them to be knocked off:
So if you are attending an event at one of the 600 sites or if you are hosting, please give a shout out (and a prayer request) in the comments here.
Based on stats from attendance last year, we estimate to have some 125,000 attendees! Each one important to God, each one invited by Him, He knows every name. If you want to attend check this list for a church near you click here.
Wednesday at noon we will have our prayer Web cast with Beth, Trav and our host sites. Please join us in praying this week for all of the sites, for all of the attendees, for Beth and Travis and our technical team and those in the churches. As we like to say (and are thankful to say). Its a God-sized event. We pray it will be a God-filled event.
We love you and we are praying for you too!


  1. Bethany says

    I’ll be at Cypress Wesleyan in Galloway, Ohio! Things at my job are changing rapidly, and I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed when I look at the months ahead. May God’s grace carry me!

  2. Ohlookaduck says

    Hey! I’m going to Simpson University and I’m bringing my 13 year old daughter for her first time. I’m praying she gets lots out of it and wants to go deeper!

  3. Pam Simpson says

    I will be at Simpsonville (SC) First Baptist with 3 of my dearest friends–we will be celebrating my 50th birthday:) I pray for a fresh word and that I will be able to be a Titus woman to my younger friends!

  4. says

    I got both chills and tears reading the stats and Isaiah 55:11! This is God-sized – and He is big enough!
    Long Avenue Baptist Church, Port St Joe, FL. Praying that God knocks down walls in our community and in our lives. May we be built only as He desires us to be!

  5. Carolyn says

    I will be attending the simulcast with 34 friends at Daybreak Community church in Carlsbad Ca. This is not our home church but is the only one hosting the event in our area. So looking forward to a God filled day with Beth,Travis and the whole team.

  6. says

    I will be attending at FBC Carthage, TN. I am so excited to be a part of this event with the ladies @ FBC Carthage and throughout our community! I cannot wait to see all that God does through this event!

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