1. Ann says

    How wonderful to see you being so open with the truth of loss. The truth that you can grieve, yet still be strong in your walk with the Lord. So many times as Christians we are led to believe that it is not Christ like to grieve the loss of a loved one. So not true, even Jesus wept over loss.
    I see through this “end” of life experience a “new birth” approaching for you and the ministry. I see the Lord working a new and fresh word for the Frazzled Female. A word unlike any you have been given and passed down to us before. How awesome, that this loss is going to be used to greatly impact the kingdom of God so that many woman will not have to experience the worse “loss” of all…not having a personal relationship with our heavenly Father.
    I pray this post has made sense to you and those that read it. I pray for you and your ministry daily. I look forward to my Frazzled Female Fridays with you. Thank you for being so honest and open, so personal and approachable. Be blessed, as you are a blessing to me and others like me.

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