Frazzled Female Friday!

Cindi’s sweet Daddy went HOME two days ago – She’s been by his side for 2 weeks. Please pray for her and her family, as they go through the next couple days. She’ll be sharing at his service, then leaving to speak out of town tonight.
I’m by no means sweet Cindi Wood, but I am a frazzled female! Last week, I began the study of Ruth by Kelly Minter with some of my closest of the closest girlfriends. We made the recipes in the study which were yummy and sat around my cozy living room to study God’s Word together. Sounds so relaxing and stress free. Well, for that couple of hours it was, and I treasure this time with my girlfriends and Bible study.
I started off with the question that Beth Moore asked her blogging siesta sisters at the beginning of their study together. “What is the one word that describes your season right now.” My friends and I are all in different seasons of our lives. Confused, Blessed, “end of the tunnel”, chaotic and one friend who is so distraught, she couldn’t even come up with a word. Mine?
That’s it. I’m tired because I get frazzled trying to do it all. I’m really working on my health right now so I’m killing myself getting up early before the kids awake to do SHRED, by Jillian Michaels. Can I tell you I’m still on workout one and still cheat every now and then? Can I get an Amen on that one? I’m trying, really ya’ll, but some parts of this workout about kill me! So, I digress.
Anyway, I’m trying to workout and do my Bible study prior to the kiddos waking up, except I don’t always roll out of bed when the alarm goes off because I’m TIRED. So imagine this. I’m in the same living room studying Ruth after a killer workout, and to my left in the dining room sits my sweet daughter, Ana Mei, carrying on with a whine that certainly needs some cheese to go with it. She’s been sent there by her dad because she cannot eat cereal and watch Tom and Jerry at the same time. Now, my son, Josiah has mastered the art so he’s in the kitchen watching Tom and Jerry, eating, no problem. This does not produce the “quiet time” I’m looking for. Can anyone relate to what I’m saying here?
Then off to work I go – to a place I’ve been going for 13 years now, and a job I love with LifeWay Women. Days go fast, my brain gets tired. I come home to love on my kids and my man, in a whirlwind of homework, dinner prep, baths, and bedtime.
This past Tuesday night I went to the taping for a new LifeWay Women Bible study coming out by Angela Thomas. Can’t wait to share this one with you. Anyway, guess what Angela spoke on? Being WORN OUT.
I’m just sayin that was a word from the Lord. She said so many good things and I can’t give them away, but I’ll tell you this. Angela reminded me that the presence of God restores. I don’t have to get rested to get to God. And, Godly friends refresh your soul. So you know what? I’m no longer afraid of being TIRED. I know where to go. I know what’s most important.
I’m still hoping to lose a few (really a lot!) of pounds so I’m gonna keep trying to meet up with Jillian in the mornings, eat healthy (dang Cupcake Collection that is so stinkin good!), get some good hang time with my family, and most important – I’m gonna go to Jesus for my rest!
I love ya’ll. Thanks for sticking with us here on allaccess.
If you want to post your one word that describes your season here in the comments, I promise I will pray for you in that regard. Happy weekend everyone.


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    Well, I never did get past the first couple of days in the Ruth study and I’m thinking there is no way I could do the Shred!
    Our lives sound very similar, but my kids are older and I’m sitting up waiting for one of them to get home 2 hours later than he was suppose to before coming into work at LifeWay!
    Distraught is a good word, but I have to add, I still have peace underneath all the tears that have been present lately.

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