5 Easy Ways to Welcome New Women

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Have you ever joined a church and struggled to figure out where you fit?  I have and that was after serving on a church staff in another city for about 12 years. You’d think I would know how to fit in!  But it is not so eas, even for a leader.  If we do not find effective ways to get to know other women and get them engaged fully in church life, she may leave and find a place where she can fit. Or she may just come to worship on Sunday and not get involved in a small group or any other activity where she can grow and serve.

It takes more than one person to draw a woman into fellowship at your church. It also takes more than one way of touching her life. To welcome guests into your women’s ministry, consider forming a team of volunteers to exercise at least seven "touches" to new members of your women’s ministry.

Here are a few suggestions:

Extend a handshake, smile, and "hello" to greet a new member when she is presented for church membership.

Call her and schedule a convenient time to meet with her.

Visit her in her home and share information about the church and women’s ministry. Share details about other ministries she might like to be involved in, such as Bible study, programs for her family, etc.

Ask how you and others can pray specifically for her and her family.

Follow up at least four more times in a variety of ways:

·    Send a handwritten note welcoming her to your church.
·    Invite her to the next luncheon, dinner, or other activity with a complimentary ticket. You may even want to offer to carpool.
·    Invite her to your house or to meet you for coffee.
·    Invite her to Wednesday night supper and Bible study.
·    Bring her to a regular women’s study or other gathering and introduce her to others.
·    Introduce her to other new members.
·    Seek her out at church and invite her to sit with you, especially if she is alone.
·    Bring her homemade cookies or bread, or flowers from your yard.
·    Send a card to let her know you are remembering her.

These are only a few suggestions. Be creative with these, and include several women in this "seven touch" ministry.

Share what you do to keep new women from falling through the cracks.

Want the full listing of ideas to welcome women into your ministry? Read Transformed Lives: Taking Women’s Ministry to the Next Level.

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