2011 Events Clue Fest Contest WINNERS!

Thanks so much to all the gals who played along on the 2nd Annual 2011 LifeWay Women’s Events Clue Fest Contest. We had so much fun clue-ing it up on Facebook and Twitter. Many of you guessed the right cities but the real trick was matching the right city to the event. The three ladies below did a great job at that. Here are our winners:
Grand Prize winner!……
DONNA DEAR – Donna was almost 100% right. Wow! Congrats Donna
Our two runners up were:
Girls we will contact you about your prizes. Donna wins two free tickets to the LifeWay Women’s LIve event of her choice and Kim and Rachel each win Priscilla Shirer’s new Bible Study JONAH kit!
My favorite wrong guesses need a shout out and a …we wish. Note, these are NOT where these events are but we wish!
1. Girls’ Ministry Forum in Pebble Beach, California. We’ll pray about that for next year.
2.You Lead in Whyomissing, PA. I didn’t know there was such a place but am a little sad we are ‘missing’ it. Great guess though!
3. Travis Cottrell guessed Boone, NC. He wishes. But he doesn’t get to play anyway.
4. Hawaii! Great guess and another I wish!
So here is where we are going:
.MOM Conference with Priscilla Shirer, Angela Thomas, Vicki Courtney, Angie Smith and much more!
Birmingham, AL – Sept 23-24
Living Proof Live with Beth Moore:
Seattle, WA – March 11-12 (w/ You Lead)
Fresno, CA – April 1-2 (w/You Lead)
Little Rock, AR – April 15-16
Minneapolis, MN – May 20-21 (Eden Prairie)
Lincoln, NE – June 24-25 (w/You Lead)
Charlotte, NC – July 22-23 (w/You Lead)
Columbus, OH – August 12-13 (w/You Lead)
Salt Lake City, UT – August 26-27
Lubbock, TX – September 10 (SIMULCAST)
Baltimore, MD – Sept 30-Oct 1
Casper, WY – Nov 4-5
Pensacola, FL – Dec 2-3 (w/You Lead)
Deeper Still – with Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur and Beth Moore
Louisville, Ky – June 10-11
Going Beyond with Priscilla Shirer
San Antonio, TX – Feb 25-26
Atlanta, GA – April 1-2 (Life Interrupted SIMULCAST)
Lynchburg, VA – Arpril 15-16
Southaven, MS – July 29-30 (Memphis)
Jacksonville, FL – Aug 26-27
Sacramento, CA – Oct 28-29
You and Your Girl with Vicki Courtney
Hendersonville, TN – April 9 = (Nashville)
Dallas, TX – October TBD – SIMULCAST
Women’s National Leadership Forum
Nashville, TN – November 10-12
Girls Ministry Forum:
Nashville, TN – February 25-26
That’s it girls! Thanks so much for playing! We hope to see you somewhere out on the road next year!


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    I am beyond thrilled!!! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I would have loved the tickets, but I really wanted Priscilla’s new study :)

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