Vacation Observations:

Warning, this is random. You’ve been warned. :0)
I was on vacation over the 4th with my brother’s family in Charleston, SC. Had a full week of boating, dock-sitting, jet skiing, eating my sister-in-law’s semi-famous mac and cheese and other blessings. As I sat by the ocean on my last day, I had the following observations:
1. Fireworks are created to be spectacular but fleeting. Their purpose is to wow, briefly. They are always plural. No one wants to see a single fire work. Americans will go to almost any trouble, length or discomfort to view a 10 minute fireworks display. We did it and it was worth the effort for the ten minutes. It really made me feel patriotic and FREE!
2. Hearing my two nieces sing worship songs next to me in church gave me a glimpse of the wonderment of parenthood and the bursting of a heart over their spiritual growth.
3. Five guys fries taste better on the 4th especially when u haven’t had them in a while. The crunchy ones at the bottom of the back were the best, maybe ever.
4. I probably shouldn’t have my iPad on the beach.
5. When you step into the ocean you are briefly a part of something so much huger than you. So much going on that I’ll never see. Ministry is like that.
6. The older I get the more I want to be around my family. Its a tug at my heart.
7. As I watched people pass on the beach i thought ‘I was that lil girl playing in the water w a lil friend and squealing. I was that older skinny teen who could wear a suit like that. Now, I’m that gal in a full-coverage tankini, who sits in a chair and just stairs at the ocean and falls asleep.’
8. Bike riding with your brother like you did when you were 8 and 10 is exhilliarating and makes you feel 8 and 10 again, but with cooler shades.
9. I was thankful that we weren’t visited by a rabid fox in the neighborhood this year as we were last year. That was some drama that thankfully didn’t end in rabies shots for all.
10. I was intrigued by family ties. Saw my cute 1st cousin (who recently moved to Charleston) I’ve only seen her maybe 4 times in my life. We laughed like old friends and she has the same spark of life we all got from our incredible grandmother Nana. We recognized it in each other.
11. I’m blessed by the randomness of life. God is in all of this, and as our gal Priscilla Shirer might say, the anointing of the Lord was on that mac and cheese. It was a yummy offering of love. (see photo far below).
Cuzzy Kristen and I have a reunion self-portrait:
My sweet nieces and I impatiently waiting for the fireworks to start. If we’d been in TN we would have had chiggers from lying on the ground.
No explanation needed:
Charleston sunset.jpg
Trina’s semi-famous mac and cheese made just for ME. It didn’t disappoint cause its mostly cheese:
Random blessings for sure! I know you are thankful that there are not shots of me in my tankini. Your welcome. Happy Tuesday ya’ll.
Any random wonders on your vacations? we want to hear them!
Thankful for you,


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    Loved this!
    “When you step into the ocean you are briefly a part of something so much huger than you. So much going on that I’ll never see. Ministry is like that.”
    That’s the truth!

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