It’s HERE! Check out the video up there on the right-hand corner. I’m feeling generous this morning so we’re having a give-away! All you need to do is post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter feed about the Allaccess giveaway, linking your readers back to this post on the Allaccess Blog. Then, come back to this page and post a comment with a link to your social network post. We will randomly choose one winner from those who posted to receive the leader kit. Contest will close end of the day, Thursday, July 13. Winner will be chosen by on July 14.
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    I posted it on facebook
    That sounds like an awesome study I need to keep myself in the word of God due to alot going on in my life and it would be great to share it with my women at church we are a church of about 50 people
    Thanks Carol

  2. I tweeted about the giveaway. The study sounds great!

  3. Debbie Brawner says:

    Can’t wait to offer this one at church!!/profile.php?id=1355505338

  4. I tweeted about the giveaway. Here’s the link:

  5. I posted on my facebook status.
    So excited for the opportunity.

  6. Can’t wait to do this one. Priscilla is gifted teacher.

  7. I posted about it on my twitter account. So excited about this study!

  8. My link on facebook:
    Love LifeWay!!!

  9. Posted on Facebook – we’ve had buzz about this one at church already!

  10. So excited!

  11. I posted your link to my FB page , I hope you can see it:
    am looking forward to – hopefully – getting the kit! God bless each and every one of you ladies at LifeWay Women!
    maria cristina bruschi

  12. Posted on facebook. Thanks!

  13. What an awesome giveaway! I tweeted about it! Hopefully me or a friend of mine will win! Woo hoo! : )

  14. Michelle says:!/mmrapaglia
    I posted this on my facebook account

  15. I have never done a Priscilla Shirer study. This would be an AWESOME one. I would LOVE this one, especially now….God seems to be moving our family in a direction I NEVER expected AND my hubby is just now starting to get excited about reading and studying the Bible!! He has made time to study every night this week while I am studying! HALLELUJAH!! God is SO good! I think we could even sit and do this study together. Wouldn’t THAT be awesome?!

  16. Anonymous says:

    On FB!/profile.php?id=1302370093
    On Blog…

  17. On FB!/profile.php?id=1302370093
    On Blog…

  18. Sign me up for the contest please

  19. Hello! I posted it on my life management blog, Take This Life and CHUNK It!

  20. Debbie McFarland says:
  21. I posted it on Facebook. This is absolutely wonderful! I have been searching for an in depth study of God’s word for a long time.

  22. What a great giveaway!! This is already on my list of “must-haves”. I posted about it on Facebook!!

  23. Becky Phillips says:

    I kind of feel like I can relate to a Jonah study this week after being in a 24′ sailboat that capsized in rough weather. Thankfully I didn’t end up in the belly of a whale :-) (and all were well!) It’s up on my facebook page –

  24. I posted this to my facebook profile because I believe this is a tmiely word. This would be an excellent study for my dughter who is about to be 18.

  25. WOW!! This is GREAT!! I am Discipleship Director at our church and we adore Lifeway Bible Studies. We are currently using “One in a Million” in a small group. One of our ladies classes is re-studying “A Woman’s Heart” b/c it’s been so long ago that we offered it originally. Can’t wait to dive into this study. Hope I win!! God Bless

  26. I want it!!! My ladies at church would love it! Here’s my link!!! http://

  27. This would be magnificent to win for my birthday on Sunday the 11th :)

  28. Sarah Stinnett says:

    posted it on my facebook

  29. Awesome opportunity…you’ll find my link here:!/profile.php?id=763219740

  30. Jagette says:

    I posted on my facebook page. This sounds like a wonderful study. A looking forward to being able to do it. Have enjoyed all of Priscilla’s work.

  31. I FB’d it!
    I love the video – gotta do it!

  32. I posted it as a new page on my blog…see here
    Would LOVE to have this study to lead sometime!

  33. I also just now posted it on my FB wall…here’s the link:!/haelieheard

  34. Forgot.. Posted to facebook

  35. I can’t wait to show this to the women at my church…wether i win or not I’m introducing my Small Group’s Director at my church to Priscilla’s ministry!
    Ready to go “Beyond”

  36. Paola Gonzalez says:
  37. Love the line:
    Running from God is going to cost you so much more than you want to pay!

    WOW!! Thanks for the opportunity…LOVE Priscilla Shirer! Can’t wait to study Jonah with her!

  39. Can’t wait to see ALL of this!

  40. KaRetha says:

    I can’t wait to do this study. It’s posted on my facebook page.

  41. Count me in! I love this lady!!

  42. I want this! So happy you all are doing a giveaway of this series!

  43. Love the book of Jonah! So looking forward to this study with her and would love to win it!

  44. Dena Parry says:

    Would love to have this bible study.

  45. Weve done several of Pricilla’s studies! Love her…posted on facebook about the giveaway!

  46. Posted on Facebook! Thanks for the give away!!/profile.php?id=1133022755

  47. Tweeted this! And WOW! I’m ready for this one!!

  48. Amazing!! Can’t wait for Jonah to come out! I posted this on Twitter…

  49. Posted on my twitter. Would love to win this for my wife!

  50. Crystal Nichols says:

    That would be a great study to do. My profile is

  51. LeAnn Gheen says:

    I posted this on my FB! I love everything about Priscilla Shirer’s studies! It just seems like she relates so much to me and my life through her studies! She is so powerful. I am interested in getting into this study!!

  52. So excited about this one!! I twittered it on my account
    Thanks, Cherie

  53. Our study group recently finished He Speaks to Me. We loved it. I know they would love to do another Priscilla Shirer Bible Study.

  54. Kristin Takemoto says:

    I facebooked about this great giveaway!! I am pumped!! My FB is private so I hope that does not mess up the ability of the moderator to see my link!!!/profile.php?id=1045568047
    Thanks ladies!!

  55. Nightingale says:

    Just posted on Facebook!

  56. Brenda Powell says:

    Saw Pricilla in Las Vegas at a Deeper Still Event and would love to do this study with a bunch of ladies! Thank You!

  57. Would love to win.
    I twitted it:

  58. What a great giveaway/promotional tool. I have posted the link to my Facebook. Thanks!

  59. i love this lady. I have done several of her studies. Right now i am doing “one in a million” My mom works in a house for recovering women. I have been trying to get a kit for her to do with her women. so this is a great opprotunity to bring the words to them. Thank you somuch

  60. Posted on my twitter

  61. Sarah Stinnett says:

    my link didn’t work last time so trying again – because I don’t want to be disqualified because of it so here goes. I posted on fb

  62. Delaney says:

    Posted on my Facebook. What an awesome thing!!!!/profile.php?id=1425844198

  63. I would love to win! Priscilla’s got it going on. She blesses my heart!
    I posted on Facebook.!/wanda.galloway?v=info

  64. This is the study we are hoping to do for the fall. Got it on my FB…will get it on the blog later today

  65. Jackie Jensen says:

    Posted it to my facebook. I enjoy her studies! Thanks!

  66. Melanie Grace says:

    Since I don’t have a facespace or the twitter my daughter put it on her page:
    I know I need to get a twitface…..Pray for me.

  67. LaDonna Smith says:

    Posted on Twitter!!

  68. Posted on facebook:!/?ref=home
    Jonah sounds like a great study. We can all learn from his life and his attitude toward God.