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Today’s post is written by guest blogger, Debbie Stuart. Women’s Ministry Director, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX and is a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier. She earned her Women’s Ministry Advanced Certificate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary   and is a member of the Association of Women’s Ministry Professionals . In addition to being a conference and retreat speaker and Bible study teacher, she was the founder and director of Network Extravaganza in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. She is married and has two young adults. 

You will be blessed by her words here:

It all started with my mother (you know what they say, if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother!).My mom, Carol, married young and found herself in a hopeless situation. One Saturday morning her  neighbor, Jean, invited her to church. She heard for the first time that the Lord loved her, gave his life for her and had a plan and a purpose for her life. She accepted Christ and vowed to follow Him for the rest of her days. She joined a women’s Bible Study group, called the Deborah class, those women loved her and became involved in her life. She began to thrive! They taught her practical lessons about life, marriage and finances, but also spiritual things that she longed to know more about. This investment changed the course of history for her, my family and generations to come. (They didn’t call “it”  Women’s Ministry back then, but that is exactly what it was!)
My name is Deborah Jean. It was given to me in honor of those women who made a difference in her life. Little did we know that for my mom “the rest of her days” would not be many. She lost a battle with cancer and stepped into Heaven when she was 40. I was 23 and had a five week old baby boy.  Jarrad was her first grandchild.
I was devastated and depressed. But the Lord began to walk other women into my life that made a huge impact. My mom, because she died so young, was not my spiritual mentor. It was other women that made a significant spiritual investment in my life. They loved me and prayed me through some very dark days. And I began to thrive!
As a leader in Women’s Ministry, how are you investing in the lives of other women? How are you helping other women to do the same? Your efforts can change the course of history. The “face” of Mentoring Ministries continues to change, some have gone more organic, others have added new aspects. Some churches have eliminated “mentoring programs” stating: “It didn’t work”…but the “fact” remains the same….The Lord asked us to do it! (Titus 2:3-5) There are only a couple of scriptures in God’s Word where He asks women to do something for him – so let’s be found doing what we were asked to do!
What fresh perspective or creative ideas can you share about the offering a Mentoring Ministry?
“From that city many believed in Him because of the testimony of the women” (John 4:39)

 “One life is of priceless value to God’s Kingdom and yours may be that life.”- Oswald Chambers


  1. Deanna Bartlett says

    I just recently started a non-profit womens ministry in the city I live in. One of the goals for the ministry is to develop a mentoring program that spans many churches. The ministry is an entity of its own and is not connected directly with one local church. I desire to have a list of mentors with a variety of backgrounds of difficult things the Lord has brought them through. That way, when a women comes to our ministry we can connect her with ladies that have gone through similar things.
    I want to be very careful when selecting these ladies. Do you have any set requirements or forms that you use to pair ladies together.
    Or, any pitfalls to watch out for.
    I have only seen this done on a single church level. I desire to bring together the whole body in our city.

  2. Chris Adams says

    Great idea, Deanna. I, too, have only seen this done on a church level, but I’d say some of the same principles would fit. Make sure they have some training in how to know if it’s beyond what they can do without professional training, how to refer, what the resources are, how much to share. A couple of good resources are Women Reaching Women in Crisis and A Trusted Friend When it Matters Most. One is a leadership took you could use to train them, the other is a Bible study on how to help friends in need. I hope this helps a little.

  3. Ashley Linne says

    AMEN!!! Thank you for this. God is up to something in this area of mentoring (aka discipleship) and I can’t wait to see where He takes us!

  4. Pam Workman says

    Deanna, thank you for sharing your heart. I too am praying about a mentoring/women’s place in our town to minister to the women of our community. I would love to visit per e-mail.

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