July 4th…What Does Freedom Mean to Women?


In the next few days we will celebrate the freedom of our country. If you are like me, you probably take that for granted much of the time. Maybe we’ve never experienced Christianity in other countries where it’s not free.  Take a few minutes to think through what you would really miss if you didn’t live in our free country…who you would marry, where and if you would be educated, the career you might have, the home you might live in, and certainly the worship you would participate in.

This is a great time to ask the women in your small groups what they enjoy most about freedom and what they would miss most if they didn’t live in freedom. Perhaps you have some who live in a free country, but do not live free in Christ. Maybe they do not know Him as Lord and Savior. Maybe they do but they aren’t living in freedom. Galatians 1:5 says Christ has liberated us into freedom. Therefore stand firm and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery. But many women do not stand firm in that freedom.

What things are your women bound to, or what are you bound to, that Christ wants to free you from? Draw women into that discussion during this holiday celebration. If you have several who are struggling, perhaps you can begin a study over Beth Moore’s study, Breaking Free. This study is perfect for a small group who is struggling with these issues.

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Let us know the results of your discussions this week. Share what your women are saying they love about freedom and from what issues they need to break free.

For more help, also see Living Free.

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  1. Charity Moore says

    I have never heard of freemdom put this way. I guess I have always taken it for granted. I am really ashamed of myself, but at the same time, I am thankful for you bringing this out. You were a blessing to me today.

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