Difficult Father’s Day for Your Women?

fathersday.jpgWe celebrate dads this next Sunday. For many women in our church, it’s a wonderful time of blessing for our fathers and husbands and for their role in the life of our children. I pray that is your experience and the experience of most of the women in your church. But, I am sure you know, that is not the case for some.

Perhaps you are one of those whose dad was not a godly dad. Or perhaps he just wasn’t a spiritual leader for your family. For some of our women, their fathers were negligent. For others, they were abusive. Some women have no idea who their dads are. Some have both a biological dad and an adoptive dad. Then add step-dads into the mix.

This just reminds us as leaders, we cannot assume all our women look forward to Father’s Day with joyful anticipation. Let’s be sensitive to each of our women on Sunday. Perhaps this is the time to explore the needs and even draw together women whose experiences with their fathers were anything but ideal. You might even begin a support type community or small group for these women. One resource I would highly recommend is author Mary Kassian’s Bible study In My Father’s House: Women Relating to God as Father

Perhaps you would be willing to lead this group because of your own experience!




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