7 Ways to Decide if Your Women’s Leaders are Wise

I recently read this post from The Brook Network . Listed are 7 characteristics of wise leaders. These are some great guidelines as we consider not only our women’s team members, but also our own leadership.
1.    Grace, generosity of spirit, love for mercy, ability to forgive
2.    Good reputation with others; sought out for advice and support
3.    Consistent life; wisdom and stability
4.    Reasonable breadth of thought
5.    Depth of thought
6.    Fair-minded
7.    Lessons learned in hard time

Read more details here: The Brook Network

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 Ok, how did you do on these? Maybe we should use this as a barometer of our own lives, but also to evaluate the women who are serving in leadership. Might make for a great leadership meeting devotion. What do you do to evaluate the leadership characteristics of your women? Post your ideas in the comments section of this post so others can glean from your experience.

Read more in the chapter, "Life Lessons for Leaders" from Women Reaching Women here.






  1. Susan Silva says

    This is what we came up with as our qualifier for choosing new team members:
    Three Core Traits:
    1. Relationship with Jesus
    a. Can this person express in words their relationship with Jesus
    b. Can you see evidence of what God is doing in their life, will others
    c. If this person is a new believer is there evidence of a desire to grow.
    2. Good Communications Skills
    a. Can this person express themselves well
    b. Can this person listen attentively
    c. Can this person manage a conversation with a difficult person
    3. Conflict Resolution skills
    a. Can this person manage stress while remaining alert and calm
    b. Can this person control their emotions and behavior
    c. Can this person pay attention to the feelings being expressed
    d. Can this person be aware of and respectful of differences
    Three secondary traits:
    1. Lead Independently
    a. Can you see this person able to lead in the event that the rest of the team became unavailable
    b. Could this person be taught good leadership skills
    2. Availability
    a. Will the season of life they are in hamper them from being able to give of their time, talents and gifts
    3. What gifts or talents can they bring to the team that we may lack?

  2. Chris Adams says

    Great ideas and strategy for developing leaders, Susan. Thank you so much for sharing your leadership ideas with us!

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