What would you ask?

If you had the opportunity to sit down at Starbucks with Beth Moore (who has been called the female Billy Graham of our generation), what would you order and how would you start the conversation?
Or what if Priscilla Shirer invited you to her home for dessert? What questions would you want to ask this wife and mother of three in ministry who grew up as a preacher’s kid?
And then there is Kay Arthur, what would you ask this woman who has watched the culture change and shift, yet grounded her life upon God’s unchanging Word through it all?
The panel discussion at Deeper Still: The Event provides the opportunity for women to hear from these three amazing Bible teachers. Also, author and songwriter, Kelly Minter, will join the panel giving insight into questions from the Christian single perspective.
Our first Deeper Still: The Event for 2010 will be June 11-12 in Denver and we need some great questions! We want questions that will help women get to know our Bible teachers better (what is your favorite color of lipstick!) as well as, covering topics they may not address during the Deeper Still sessions.
So, what would YOU ask?


  1. says

    You mean after I quit bawling like a big ole baby? I guess for all the married ones I would ask how did you manage family and ministry? To all of them, how did you know that you were called to public ministry? Did you make the choice to do it or did it just evolve? And then I would ask where they all got their keen fashion sense:)Seriously jealous a bit of that one!

  2. says

    My question for all of them is, what’s next? I realize the official answer would be “Whatever and wherever God leads,” but if you had to plan it yourself today, what would it be? How is it pictured in your mind right now?
    What do you feel like you’ve given up or sacrificed in order to do the thing you’ve done? What are some of the things you’ve let go of in order to serve in the way that you do?
    How do you recycle all those fabulous jackets? What do you do when you’re “done” with them? I’d love to go to one of your yard sales!!! And, you always look so together….do you have any “fat” clothes (not counting the pregnancy ones) in your closet ??

  3. says

    I think I’d love to know do you manage your busy schedules and families and still find time to write and study God’s word and balance it all?!?! I have dreams of speaking to women and sharing my testimony – but right now I’m buried in diapers and dishes! I would love to know how they got started… When do they find quiet time with God, what do they use to study His word… Who do you look to for guidance… and in between all of their busy schedules, how do they recharge and refuel?

  4. Kathy DeLozier says

    After thanking Beth for the many hours I have been priviledged to spend in her electronic presence learning more about God’s blessed word, I would ask her what was her favorite vacation spot and why. Thanks!

  5. carol says

    I would ask first of all I probably could’nt say anything for a minute or to or be to starstruck to say anything.
    But once I got it together I would ask how do you with everything you have to do How do you all stay so da gon beautiful all the time?
    Blessing Carol

  6. Elizabeth says

    I would first say how blessed I have been by the teachings of these three women and how much I have grown in the word.
    Where do you fabulous women shop and how do you manage your everyday life without being bombarded by others asking you questions or trying to get a picture.
    I love you all and pray that the Lord continually strengthens you and your families each and everyday.

  7. Brenda says

    To Beth: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) how do you rate yourself in the battle of insecurity? What do you do when it creeps back uninvited into thoughts? Will you put this material into a study piece? (it is so incredibly wonderful – thank you!!)
    To Kay: What is the burning passion God has given you at this time in your life?
    To all of them: What vitamins do you take to have the energy and focus you do?

  8. Rebecca Coker says

    Beth and Friends, I wish you would pray for me. I go to be evaluated the end of June to be evaluated for a lung transplant. I have my Savior Jesus Christ beside me, but please remember me in your payers… I am terrified.
    Beth keep the good books coming you are my inspiration.
    Yours in Chris,
    Becky Coker

  9. Cheryl says

    Our church used Beth’s Loving Well DVD’s for our retreat this year. Will she be doing more that we can use in the future. With the economy so bad, this is a great and inexpensive retreat. A lot of the Ladies said it was the best retreat ever. I’m thinking of using the Faithful, Abundant and True DVD’s next year. Thank you to all 3 Ladies for all of their Bible Studies. We have done many of them.They are such a blessing.

  10. says

    I would love to ask Beth how she stays so ridiculously relevant without being “of this world.” How do you do it, woman? How. Do. You. Do. IT?

  11. says

    I started a mentoring program three years ago,where I take a different Sista out to o lunch each Friday. So, my question would be…Would you like to be “My Friday Friend” – You Say ~ I Pay!!
    Blessings ,
    Sista Staci :)

  12. Jackie McLain says

    My husband died suddenly a year and 1/2 ago. I know that Beth went through a year of depression but ended up on the other side closer to God than ever before. I’m struggling with this. I’m at least back to level but having a hard time feeling close to God at all. What did Beth do to take away the feelings of distrust and to trust God again?

  13. Kari says

    I would like to know the HOW of doing indepth studying of God’s word. I would like to have a “This is how we study” and then have them show us step by step. I have done several Beth and Priscilla studies and I love them and learn so much from them but I just do not know how to grab my Bible and get that much out of it on my own.

  14. WendyB says

    Since they are at three distinctly different stages of life, I would ask each to specifically outline a day. I know there is no “typical” day for any of these busy women, but I struggle mightily with organization and would love to know in more than just general terms how they budget their time.
    I’d also ask where they shop – I loved the top Beth wore on the cover of SLI (among many other outfits!)
    And as mentioned in the post – perhaps lipstick and hair recommendations. Beth has said it’s all about the product – but what product? I’m Beth’s age, but my hair gets thinner by the day – I need big hair help!

  15. Kathy McGee says

    I don’t know what I would ask really. I would say “Thank You” though. Being involved in their Bible Studies and going to a Deeper Still Conference in Orlando last year put me in a position to answer God’s calling. A big step of faith, but these wonderful ladies were a part of what brought me this far. Thank you ALL!

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