Frazzled Female Friday!

Blame me today, Kris that is. Sorry for posting Cindi’s blog post so late today. Please forgive!
By Cindi Wood . . .
I received a call this morning from my dad’s assisted living center. My heart sank as I heard the words..
“Your dad fell this morning. We found him on the floor when we went in to check on him. He said he’d lost his balance, but that he was alright…”
My heart just collapses every time I think about my eighty eight year old daddy and his physical struggles. As I pictured him there in the floor trying to recover his dignity and insisting that he was really ok, the tears streamed down my face.
Another vision came to mind. It was an incident that happened on “the worst day of my life” during teenage years (you know, teenagers have lots of those!) I was in my room crying from a broken heart and my big brother tiptoed in and said, “You know, Jesus is probably crying right now because you are hurting so much.”
I never forgot that moment and have never forgotten that truth. I often looked to my big brother for spiritual insights – and still do. He spoke REALITY to me that day. And that same TRUTH covers my broken heart over my daddy, and it covers every single hurt of daily living.
Jesus knows our pain and He shares our suffering. The psalmist knew the truth;
“You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.” Ps. 56:8 (NLT)
Right now there’s another vision coming to mind… It’s YOU reading this blog post and embracing the Only One who understands what you’re going through. He does! He loves you and He’s committed to healing your broken heart. I’m praying as I write, that He will reveal His tender care for you in a way you’ve never experienced. And I’m praying that YOU will receive what He so lavishly gives.
“Don’t let your heart be troubled…trust in Me.” (from Jesus to you – John 14:1)


  1. Debbie says

    You shared this with me long ago and I’ve never forgotten. What a precious, sustaining truth that Jesus REALLY does understand us and what we go through, and that He feels our pain. On a daily basis, knowing this brings me such comfort and peace. We don’t even need words to try to tell him because He knows us completely. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Karen Hokanson says

    Thank you. I so needed to hear that in this difficult season in my life. God totally led me to read this tonight.

  3. Patt says

    It is so hard to tell my friends about hurts that I know they can’t “fix” but I know, oh how I know, He fixes me! He does this because He knows ALL about me and loves me still. His care is my resting place. His care of my bottle is held in loving hands that know – really know – how to “fix” me. Comfort beyond human arms are found in His arms.

  4. Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing. I know we all have heartbreak and all need to seek comfort in the only place it is real and sustaining, Jesus.

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