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Do you find as a leader that it is not always easy trying to reach women of all generations? Do your older women ever wonder what in the world the younger generation is doing and what will help them grow spiritually? Do your younger women ever say, “that’s my mama’s ministry and I want to create my own?”  It’s not easy seeking to reach women in at least 5 generations alive today. 

Join us on May 11, 2010 (12:00 pm, CST) for a Generations Dialogue with Pam Gibbs, Girls’ Ministry Specialist , Chris Adams, Lead Women’s, Ministry Specialist, Ashley Linne & Emily Cole, Student Ministry Publishing. We will talk about the generational issues in the different generations. Pam, Ashley, Chris and Emily will openly discuss some hot topics that pop up as we seek to bridge the generation gap in leadership and among women in general. We must bridge the generation gap if we are to leave a legacy of ministry and leadership.

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