Frazzled Female Friday!

*Post by Cindi Wood
Girls, I want you to know something. And, I want you to know it in your heart of hearts! I want you to know it so completely, that you automatically turn to this truth each time your peace is ruptured or you become unsettled. I want you to grasp it when you become distracted by the stresses of daily living…THERE’S POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
His name is above every other name. His is the highest name, the most wonderful name in all of Heaven and earth. When you breathe His name through faith, you can stand victoriously in the midst of any circumstance that challenges your peace and your sanity.
Paul tells us in Ephesians 1:19 that there is unlimited and immeasurable power for us who believe…
Yes, believing in the Name of Jesus – what a gift! When we choose to call on His name with a genuine and humble heart, great power is released. And that power is wrapped in the assurance that our needs are resting in the very heart of God.
Girlfriends from Walker, Louisiana and Roxboro and Williamston in North Carolina – have recently gathered to focus on His Name. At each event, we grabbed our attention and focused it on Jesus. His joy and peace seemed to wash over us as we simply turned to face Him and with genuine hearts, breathed His Name.
I would love to hear how “simply turning to Jesus” is changing the course of your day. How is breathing His Name making a difference in your life?
I can tell you this; you delight the heart of God when you, in childlike wonder and trust, stop everything else, and call on His Name.


  1. Amber Ploof says

    Nice post! I know of the absolute truth in speaking Jesus’ name. It gives power when we are so powerless. Given my recent life experiences, I know there is no greater name that can be spoken in times of severe need other than Jesus!! I can’t wait to hear more on this. Praying for you.

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