Last summer our pastor preached a wonderful sermon series on church discipline. It was such a beautiful picture of God’s protection for us through our local body of believers. But since the topic of church discipline can sometimes be misunderstood, our communication ministry created some hilarious videos to preface each installment in the series.
Earlier today I remembered this video – mainly because it CRACKS ME UP – and I thought I’d share. If you’ve been a member of a church for longer than, oh, a week, you’ll totally appreciate it.

Hope y’all have a happy Thursday!


  1. Sheol on a grease pole- too funny! Cracked me up:)

  2. Dear Communication Team: you do good work.
    Love always,
    Thanks for sharing, Sophie! I LOLed. LedOL? Laughed Out Loud.

  3. Toooo Funny! Loved it!

  4. Ohlookaduck says:

    I watched all of these I could find and am *so* disappointed there aren’t more. How clever, how HILARIOUS!
    Great job to the people involved. Stinkin’ funny!

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