Five Conversations Giveaway!

Last year I had the chance to be a part of Vicki Courtney’s Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter Bible study. I learned so many important things to keep in mind as I raise my daughter.
And I got to have my hair and makeup professionally done. I won’t lie, it was pretty cool. I wish it happened every day because then maybe I’d walk around with more than a messy ponytail 98% of the time.
Seriously, it is an amazing study for anyone who is investing in the lives of young women. Our culture is so saturated with lies and falsehoods about what a girl should be and Vicki cuts right to the heart of these untruths and teaches us how to cover our girls in truth and light.
The best part?
We’re giving away one copy of the Five Conversations DVD Leader Kit!
To enter:
1. Leave a comment letting us know your biggest struggle in raising your daughter or working with girls in a ministry capacity.
2. You can enter more than once if you Twitter about the giveaway and post your twitter link here in the comments.
3. You can enter ANOTHER TIME if you post about it on your blog and leave the link in the comments.
4. We will choose the winner using next Wednesday, April 14th at noon.
Have fun!


  1. says

    my biggest struggle in raising my daughter is that she is still waking up in the middle of the night to eat. (ha! she is 2 months old :) )
    but seriously, my biggest struggle in working with my youth group girls is wanting them to understand who they are in Christ and not seek their identity through anyone else. if they could just see themselves how God sees them — how their lives would change!!
    i would love to run a moms Bible study with the leader kit.
    i would also love to get my hair and makeup professionally done, although i’ll settle for showering tomorrow (if baby girl lets me!)

  2. says

    I have one daughter who is 10, and our biggest struggle right now is her self-confidence; teaching her that she is a treasure in our eyes and in God’s eyes no matter what other girls say or how they act.

  3. says

    I don’t really have struggles with my daughter yet (she’s only 10 1/2 months old) but I already worry about raising her in a way that glorify’s God and teaches her to be the woman that God wants her to be. Me and my friends with daughters would have a good time doing this study!

  4. says

    I am the mom of 3 daughters (ages 7, 7, and 5). Many of my parenting struggles are not girl-specific, like how to teach them to deny their sinful nature that wants to say mean things to a sister and to instead choose the harder, more righteous reaction. How to be a peacemaker. How to apologize for our wrongdoings with sincerity.
    I’d love to win this kit. There are a lot of moms of girls at my church, and we could get a lot of use out of this!

  5. says

    Right now my biggest struggle is attitude, back talking, hatefulness, disrespect…I could go on and on. My oldest is 12 1/2 and just can’t seem to get it. Some days it is mentally and physically exhausting.

  6. says

    My daughter is only two but so far my biggest challenge has been with myself. I need to be careful about not “beating” myself up in front of her!

  7. Rebecca says

    my daughter is four and right now the biggest struggle is dealing with her all-ready grown up attitude and the mood swings

  8. Charlotte says

    My oldest is only 8 (also have a 4yo)… but we’re already dealing with issues regarding beauty, boyfriends, etc… ugh.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. says

    I prayed and prayed for boys because I was so stinkin’ terrified to have girls! God, being the all-knowing loving Father He is, granted me with two beautiful girls! I think He said, “No I won’t cater to your fear of having a girl. Trust me on this one!” My greatest fears in raising them are in developing a sense of wholeness in their identity in Christ. And I want them to love each other, forget all the little catty fighting girls do that does so much damage to them!
    I work with the girls in our youth, and now actually find myself looking forward to the days my 3 and 18 month old are teens, because teens really are fun! I’m hoping to start a Bible Study for moms in the near future, and this would be a great resource!
    Thanks for all you do, Lifeway!

  10. says

    I have 2 teen daughters and I teach in a public high school. The biggest challenge? Speaking LOUDER than the world on what is true and right. So many wordly things are at their fingertips…..yet choosing what is pure isn’t.
    It is a full-time job training them to KNOW where their real value comes from.
    Even authority figures in their lives (teachers, coaches & leaders) fail to show Godly values to them. So, my intentions are to be consistent in holiness….so that they can see I will walk the talk.

  11. says

    My daughter is 18 and about to launch into a somewhat independent life (college far away from home).
    My greatest challenges in raising a daughter have been
    1. navigating against the current of culture
    2. dealing with my own insecurities/issues in an effort NOT to pass them along to my daughter(thank you Miss Beth for a great book on this topic)
    3. Finding the mother/friend balance now that we are moving into the next stage of our relationship
    4. knowing that half my shoe collection is going with her to college :)

  12. says

    Yay! I have this book on my to-read shelf, but to be able to do a study would be awesome! My biggest struggle with both my daughters is knowing the right time to talk with them about sensitive topics, and how to approach those issues. I grew up in a non-Christian home, so I’m on totally new ground here!

  13. Karen says

    My daughter’s 15, and I’m so proud to be her mom! We don’t have huge struggles, but I do want to encourage her to be a woman that’s focused on Christ, and to stay pure until marriage.
    I also work with the 6th grade girls in our church, and they are so boy crazy! I’d love to be effective in teaching them what it truly means to be followers of Christ.

  14. Janelle says

    My daughter is 6 and I am praying constantly over her friendships. She is in kindergarten and is exposed to a wide variety of children. I pray that she is making wise choices in who she spends her free time with…so far, so good. But also that she is kind to everyone.
    I do work with the HS at church and I am constantly reminded that girls get so much of their worth and value in the opinion of the opposite gender. Which we all know that most HS boys opinions are slightly skewed at best!
    Great giveaway!

  15. says

    I have three daughters (13,6,3) and my biggest struggle is how to help them REALLY know that God is their security. Even as a 35 year old woman I still struggle with insecurity sometimes and I desperately want them to learn God is their security before they are 35!!!
    As a pastor’s wife, I would love to bring this to our church for all the other women and their daughters.

  16. Keri (Auburn Gal Always) says

    Building a foundation for her so that she can make her own decisions with God’s standards as her own.

  17. says

    My daughter is almost 8 years old. I thank God that she has had strong enough will and determination so far to not succumb to peer pressure. Realizing that it will become harder as she gets older, I want nothing more than to see her continue to be a godly girl as she grows up.
    My biggest struggle is not with anything that she does, but with my being alert enough to recognize “teachable moments” when they arise.

  18. Juliana says

    I’ve both worked with girls in youth ministry and now my husband and I have 2 daughters. I think that one of the struggles I have is trying to communicate truth in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m lecturing.

  19. Anne says

    My daughter is 12, and I struggle with rules…what’s reasonable and what is not. I do not want to be SO strict that I send her running for the hills!

  20. Carrie says

    my biggest struggle with raising my 7 yr old daughter is expecting too much of her. she is very advanced for her age & sometimes i forget she’s only 7! she’s so wonderful & beautiful just as she is & i don’t want her to ever think i’m disappointed in her.
    in working with our teens at church, i’ve noticed a “worth” problem. trying to show them & explain to them how much the Lord values them is hard to do!
    what a wonderful giveaway, i would love to facilitate a course like this in our church!!!

  21. says

    I’d love to do this book/video with some moms from our public school. I have two daughters; 9 and 5 and I can already feel the struggle of the “world” and it’s view of women/girls influencing them.
    I think this would be a godsend to me and my friends.

  22. Mary B says

    My daughters are 7 & 13. I struggle with portraying to them what a true woman should look like in today’s society. The stores may sell one thing but I don’t necessarily agree with everything. Thankfully so far, my 13yo has a good head on her shoulders and doesn’t buy into what society it trying to sell. My 7yo on the other hand is a tougher sell….

  23. says

    My biggest struggle is that I HAVE 4 girls! They are 12, 10, 8 and 3…let’s just say my struggle is drama right now…LOTS of it. I strive to spend time w/ them individually, and invest in the areas that are important to them at their unique ages. I have this book, and just recently had a woman in the women’s ministry I lead, express a desire to lead mom’s and their daughters in Bible study, so I would be thrilled to win this!! I’ll be blogging and tweeting about this!

  24. Kim says

    The biggest struggle raising my daughter is not being able to help her with her math homework…seriously!! :)

  25. says

    I really worry about her self-esteem and what society says is beautiful, cool, etc. With all the stories that come out about bullying and suicide, I worry about making sure she knows what God says about beauty, friendship, etc.

  26. Amy Rabon says

    I am the mom of two tween girls, and I think right now my biggest struggle is teaching them that their worth comes from who they are in Christ. Not whether they are accepted by certain friends, not what they look like or wear…
    I would love to have the opportunity to lead a group of moms through a study like this.

  27. Leanne says

    My biggest struggle right now with my 13 year old daughter is resisting the urge to lock her in her room until she is 25. Just kidding. Kind of. No really, she is wonderful but as she heads off to high school next year, I want her more than anything to be grounded in her identity in Christ. Instilling in her who she is because of Him and not from what others say or do. So far she is making great choices but I know that the teen years can bring some rocky times. Praying against that!!

  28. Kelly says

    I sat here trying to think up a big struggle and just ended up thanking Jesus for such a strong christian daughter. I guess my biggest struggle right now is finding ways to reassure her, and stay one step ahead of her in the advice dept. while she’s maturing so beautifully. She’s student teaching and on her way to college graduation in 3 weeks and has such a heart for young people.

  29. says

    My biggest struggle in raising my six-year-old daughter is trying to get her to understand how special she is. She sees people who are famous and wonders if she’ll be special when she doesn’t sing like they do or act like they do. How can I get her to understand how precious she is to God? I try my hardest and pray every single day that she’ll grow up knowing that she’s a GEM.

  30. says

    My biggest struggle with my daughter is the emotions. She is very sensitive and takes everything to heart. She is such a caring girl. She is also a rollercoaster of emotions…hormones I’m sure! I love being able to connect with her and other moms at my church. I would L.O.V.E. to win this and have a summer bible study in my home!

  31. Jennifer says

    My biggest struggle with my 5 year old is trying to help her see how wonderfully made she is. Her self confidence is a constant worry of mine.

  32. says

    I have 3 beautiful daughters (5, 9 and 12). We adopted our 12 year old when she was 7 years old, and she still struggles in her relationship with me. Her birth mother left her at home by herself regularly when she was 5 years old, and she lived in an orphanage for 2 years after that. She has a hard time trusting me (although she has a very good relationship with my husband–thank you, Jesus!).
    This study looks great! I’m always looking for ways to encourage all of my girls in their relationship with the Lord. They truly are a treasure to Him and to me!

  33. says

    My daughter just turned 13. She wants to wear makeup and spends a lot more time staring at herself in the mirror. My biggest struggle is with her attitude, and helping her remember that I have wisdom to speak into her life.

  34. Sallie Howell says

    I have read the book and have three daughters. I think my biggest struggle is raising each one for who they are. My oldest two are just 13 months apart then we skip 6 years. I struggle more with the oldest two. They are different children with different interest and different hearts. I want to raise them based on the things God is calling them to as individuals. We are blessed to have four children who have a heart for the Lord. I want to be sure we are doing all we can to grow those hearts! In this world, that task can be very hard.

  35. says

    I work hard to teach my daughter respect for authority and for other people. It can be exhausting sometimes – especially in this very egocentric stage she’s experiencing at the moment. She’s really not trying to be naughty. That makes it hard to stay on top of the undesirable behavior without making her feel like she is just a hopelessly bad person.
    If only parenting were easy.

  36. Lisette says

    My biggest struggle with my 10 year old is helping her see that the lies about what true beauty is are just that lies. She is beautiful inside and out and I want her to know it.

  37. Sarah Kate in WA state says

    One of the things I struggle with in raising my girls (almost 6 and almost 8) is encouraging them to find their worth/security/identity in who they are in Christ – not according to what their friends say, how they look, etc. I have one who is a total “tomboy”, while the other is a complete “girly-girl”. It’s crazy how young the whole peer pressure, gotta “fit in” mentality starts!
    A couple girlfriends and I are starting a new Bible study soon (all of us moms of at least one girl), and this would be such a fabulous one to go through!!

  38. says

    Ugh, my daughter is only 2 years old and I am already a little nervous about the teen years!
    I want to raise her to know and love Jesus and help her see the error of my teen ways and the freedom in God’s way.

  39. Kelly in Carrollton says

    greatest struggles? watching as she navigates life as a preacher’s kid….being way more “in the know” than most of the kids in the congregation…..respecting her need to know the truth while also being protected……gently leading her toward forgivness……challenging her to bow the knee to the large lessons God is trusting her with at the young age of 15……encouraging her, waiting with her, and praying for a heart-friend in this season. whew!

  40. says

    I love Vicki Courtney, met her couple of years ago, her hotel room was near ,mine and I stopped her in the hall to talk, she was so nice. I haven’t ever done a study, but would love it. I hope I’m as good a girl mom as she is

  41. says

    my biggest struggle right now, is trying to keep my daughter a little girl (she is 6) in a world that tries to sexualize our children even in elementary school. I want her to feel beautiful without having to depend on the clothes she wears, or the makeup she thinks she needs.

  42. says

    I have two daughters ages 12 and 1. My 12 year old and I have had our ups and downs in our relationship. She is a phenomenal person, but we butt heads terribly. It breaks my heart and hers as well I think sometimes.
    I would love to have this kit to do the Bible study with her. I think we really need something like this to work on together.
    It would also be a good resource to use with the mothers and daughters at my church.

  43. Lisa Dickenson says

    I have 3 daughters (5 yr, 2yr, and 7 months). My biggest challenge so far is the DRAMA! Basically what I mean is that it’s difficult helping them to express their emotions and not bottle them up but also showing them how to do this in an appropriate way without throwing a fit or storming off and crying. It’s also quite a balancing act dealing with 3 very different girls with 3 very different personalities. I would LOVE some insight from women who have been there and done that! I’m sure that it only gets harder as they get older and become teenagers.

  44. Shelley says

    My girls are 15 and 10. Seeing my oldest gravitate more towards the worldly aspects of high school is extrememly scary for me. We want her to know that what the world holds for her is nothing compared to what the Lord has in store for her. Our 10 year old is growing up fast behind her. I have been looking at Vicki Courtney’s materials for a while, we could really use this resource in our home and also to share with others.

  45. Jennifer says

    The biggest struggles I have in raising my daughter:
    1) not passing on my own insecurities to her (especially about body image)
    2) letting her take the lead on decisions and me giving her advice when she asks for it
    3) wanting her to be spiritually mature fater than she may be able to do so.
    I am blessed with a phenomenal daughter. But it has not come without a lot of work on both of our parts. I was not close to my mom and it has left a gap…I did not want hta for my daughter.

  46. says

    My biggest struggle, so far, with my oldest daughter is remembering not to ride her little butt too hard. So, that’s more of a personal problem for me rather than her, but a struggle nonetheless.

  47. says

    Our biggest issue in teen girls ministry was self confidence based on who they really are and not being who they think others want them to be.

  48. says

    My daughter is only two, and she responds to every question with “no.” It’s a struggle. :)
    I’m involved with a ministry to college students, some of whom are very young moms. I struggle with relating to the girls. They have a great capacity for love (both for Christ and for others) but many are looking for a boyfriend to meet all their needs. I want to have a listening ear and a compassionate voice, pointing them to Jesus.

  49. Jennifer says

    I’m adopting a daughter, and I imagine the biggest obstacle will be the emphasis on physical appearance in this society.

  50. says

    My biggest issue with my daughter is just how to give her what she wants. If seems at times that she wants/needs more of me than I have. She’s 11 and half and is a true delight to have. Although I could do with our her purposely irratating her brothers…..

  51. Tanya Brand says

    Right now my biggest struggle is helping the girls in my ministry to understand what I know now. I look at them and remember my mom and other key women in my life saying the same things that I am saying. I just want to say it differently…I want God to say these things to their hearts. So they get it.

  52. Sally Green says

    I am struggling with a 9 yr old who is already so hormonal! She is not typically emotional but already she is changing physically some. It has started much earlier than I experienced. I’m not sure I am ready to tread this path with my girls and my son!

  53. Kandi says

    My biggest struggle…two daughters, 5 and 6, is instilling in them their worth to God. As a 37 year old, I’m just now getting the depth of His love for me and how much I am worth to Him. I want them to KNOW this much earlier than I did so that it drives decisions.

  54. Heather Wooten says

    My biggest struggle(s) in raising my daughter are 1. dealing with mean girls already, and she is 7!!!
    2. drama, drama, drama!! (did I mention that she is only 7?
    Thanks- would love to lead this with my mommy friends!

  55. says

    My daughter is 7 and my biggest struggle is protecting her innocence. It seems that she just wants to grow up too fast. I want her to know who she is in Christ instead of what the world is throwing at her.

  56. says

    I have three girls 9,7 and 4 and I am also a speaker for teen girls so I was SO excited about this giveaway! The biggest challenge that I face with my girls and other girls is getting them to believe how much they are worth! I would LOVE to win this!! I’ve been wanting to teach this class for a long time now.

  57. Lori says

    I have a 14 year old daughter and also work with girls in AWANA and Youth Group.
    One of the biggest struggles I have with my daughter is that she is insecure and a perfectionist. Thus, she also needs help with her time management skills. I am also trying to help her deal with getting left out by her teenage relatives. The girls in this age group are constantly battling the self-esteem, clothing, abstinance and conforming to peer or worldly issues. I would like these girls to really understand that they are each uniquely and individually made by Christ for His Purpose. I would like to have this Bible Study for our AWANA Leaders, Sunday School Teachers and Moms in our area. We are in a rural area and the closest workshop is usually 100’s of miles away. Thank you.

  58. Jess Melson says

    My biggest struggle right now in rearing my 7yr old daughter right now is her ravenous desire to grow up. She is exposed to so much just at school with other girls who are allowed much freedom with things. We try to keep perspective and remind her of treasure she is to the King

  59. says

    My biggest struggle while raising my 6.5 yr old daughter is how to parent her the way God wants me to parent her, and not the way my mother parented me. My mother didn’t do a bad job, but I know that she could have done a better job and I keep seeing my mother come out of me all the time. I want to parent like the Father and not my mother.

  60. says

    My biggest struggle, and prayer, for our 10-year-old daughter is to help her have more self-confidence. We pray that she will feel secure in her relationship with Christ–she is a daughter of the King! We just pray she doesn’t fall to peer pressure, in trying to please others and gain their approval.

  61. Marsha Howell says

    Hello. My name is Marsha and I have an 8 ~ nearly 9 year old ~ daughter who is my very heart beat. I have many, many fears of failure in raising my daughter to be the woman of God I know she deserves to be. I am a single mother but that is not a fear. Leading my precious daughter to know that she is wonderfully made by God, that she can do all things through Him is proving to be a challenge. I want the life God wants for her! I want her to have the most intimate relationship with her Father. I want her to know pure joy and pure happiness in all walks of her life. Yes, I’d love to be the perfect mother … but that is not going to happen in this imperfect world. I do not want her to live my mistakes, or pay the price of mistakes I have made. She is not a mistake but a true gift of God. I would love to be able to teach/lead my angel baby to the foot of the cross so that when she is a woman herself she will literally make the devil shiver in fear when her eyes open and she speaks to her Father every morning!

  62. says

    I’m with Jill: I prayed and prayed to have boys because I was so scared to have girls. I felt lonely and lost during my youth, and I didn’t want to pass that on to another generation. God answered my prayers with two girls, like Jill.
    I have read this book and ate it up. I’ve also recommended it to several friends and I think it’d be fun to start a Bible study from it. For me, the biggest challenge in raising my girls (3 years & 6 months) is teaching them that their idenity and value come from Christ and not what others would say about them.

  63. Jeannine says

    My biggest struggle right now? She’s 12, almost 13. 7th grade. Need I say more? Self-esteem, procrastination, there are these creatures out there called “boys,” and of course right now Spring Fever (as in school? what’s that?)

  64. Amy says

    My daughter just turned 13 and we are starting to have some awkward conversations around these topics. While she has been raised to know that she is most precious to God, she does question how to deal with opposing messages from society. This DVD could be a big help.

  65. Jenn says

    My twin girls are almost 5. I want them to feel beautiful inside and out, and grow up knowing that God loves them deeply and made them to be His. Right now I am struggling with sassy attitudes… and I know I need to nip it now! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to do the study.

  66. says

    My biggest struggle in raising my daughter is that I have 4 of them! Ha! Honestly, there are so many different struggles of having 4 daughters ages 6 & under I hardly know where to begin.
    Probably the hardest thing is discipline. Each one responds to discipline so differently & the same discipline doesn’t work for each child. Knowing how to be fair & finding something that truly works can be so frustrating. I find myself remembering the discipline used on me that caused bitterness, yet I use the same form on my girls at times. Just having the discernment to raise them without bruising their spirit or identity & sense of belonging is difficult!