What are Young Adult Women Saying?

Listen to what some young adult women are saying. How does this help you as you reach and lead young women into the future?

What are Young Adult Women Saying? #7 from Chris Adams on Vimeo.


What are YOU doing to reach young women?



  1. says

    At our church, I’ve enlisted about 15 young ladies to lead guided conversation times that we hold once a month for all the women in the church, no matter their age or marital status (including teens if they want). This format definitely draws in our young adult ladies. So far we’ve met in a home to discuss marriage and relationships, and at our local farmers market to discuss health and wellness. This Sunday we’ll go on a hike and discuss courage and adventure.
    We’ve had a great response to this format. It’s very much laid back, the girls leading are knowledgeable peers, and it is discussion-based (centered around Scripture). We always have some kind of hands-on activity that we are doing while we have the discussion, whether we’re making cards or walking while we talk. (I’m looking forward to our beauty and creation convo, where we’ll paint canvases and/or do pedicures and makeup!)
    The great thing about this format for me as a ministry leader is that it takes a lot of the pressure off of me AND the girls leading. Since the girls are leading in something they already are passionate about, there is relatively little prep time. It also empowers the girls in the group to use their spiritual gifts and passions within the church family, and that is just awesome to see. :) The girls are able to immediately see ways that God’s Word applies to their lives in practical ways.

  2. Chris Adams says

    Ashely, I love this idea so much. Innovative and relevant, yet biblical. Do you have any older women who participate at all?

  3. says

    We do have a great woman who is older than most of us… but I wouldn’t call her an older woman. :) She has teenagers. We’d LOVE to have more like her. And our parents and grandparents. But at this time we are still drawing in this demographic at our church.

  4. says

    Oh, I almost forgot! My mom did get to join us for our health and wellness convo; she was in town that weekend. It was really neat having her there to offer her insight and wisdom. Would love more “moms” to join us!!

  5. Chris Adams says

    Thanks, Ashley, that helps to know. I love seeing what you are doing and am so glad some older women feel impressed to interact with the young women. Keep us posted!

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