Easter, Spring Planning & Women’s Ministry

I LOVE this time of year…warmer weather, sunshine, green things sprouting.  Being a summer kind of gal, I always feel sense of renewal and even “healing” in my body this time of year. Easter also reminds me of “new” life spiritually. As you reflect on Easter (see here for a great article that might be helpful as you lead groups during the Easter season) you might also think about “new” things for your women’s ministry as you consider ahead to the fall.

Here are some practical ideas for the next few months of ministry:

If you’re planning for your fall semester, look at some of the details you need to nail down and when it’s best to take care of them.

•    Have you evaluated and followed up from your previous semester or year in women’s ministry? What feedback have you received? What successes and disappointments did you have?
•    If you have not reviewed the ministry this year, make plans now to provide ways for women to give input on the spring semester.
•    Where has your women’s ministry experienced the greatest growth? The greatest number of lives changed? The most response from women? Women’s desire and movement toward leadership roles?
•    What fall events have you scheduled? Have you secured a speaker, meeting space, an open date, promotion, and a planning team? Evaluate your process for welcoming new members of your church into your women’s ministry.
•    Have you begun planning your fall kickoff event/preview day/orientation to the fall semester in women’s ministry?
•    Have you evaluated how many ministry offerings within women’s ministry involve being fed versus feeding others?
•    Are there women mentoring each other? What are you doing to train women to mentor, according to Titus 2?
•    Will anyone on your leadership team be rotating off once the fall begins? Is God raising up other leaders for various areas of ministry?

•    Have you scheduled weeks on the fall calendar for Bible study?
•    Have you planned all fall women’s activities in accordance with availability on the church and local school calendars, including holidays?
•    Have you reserved the necessary space for Bible studies, special events, and so forth?
•    How many small group options are you offering for the believer?
•    How many evangelistic opportunities are you providing for women?
•    Check with the church office about when finance committees will begin meeting for budgeting.
•    Prepare for any pre-registration opportunities you have for the fall Bible studies.
•    Is there a cutoff date? If so, begin putting details for the kickoff event with your team.
•    What leadership training do you have planned? Check LifeWay’s web site for examples of Women’s Leadership events.
•    Are you planning to take your ladies on a prepackaged women’s enrichment event? Have you planned for the details of the trip?
•    Have you set an unofficial "end date" for the fall and a "start date" for the spring?
•    Have you previewed the studies you will be offering in the fall?

•    Submit (if you haven’t already) your fall budget to the appropriate party.
•    Prepare for the next edition of your women’s newsletter to contain fall ministry information.
•    Update your church’s Web site with the fall plans for women’s ministry.
•    Update your general women’s ministry brochure to showcase the fall plans.
•    Order the necessary Bible studies plenty of time before your fall studies begin.
•    Coordinate your fall efforts with other ministries.
•    Begin thinking about your spring semester. How will you use the spring to continue the long term goals you began this fall? 

Check this out for more planning helps:

Women Reaching Women: Beginning & Building a Growing Women’s Enrichment Ministry, Revised

Have a blessed Easter celebration!

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