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Pam Gibbs, Girls’ Ministry Specialist at LifeWay wrote this recently after our girls’ ministry web cast:


I looked across the landscape of my church on Sunday morning. In front of me were teenagers. Behind the organ was a woman with grandchildren. Behind me I could hear a toddler who was obviously unhappy about the need to sit still for more than three seconds. My mind immediately began to think about how to connect these generations together. And then, I immediately thought of our recent Web cast with Amy Pierson as we talked about discipleship and mentoring girls.


Amy Kendrick Pierson, girls’ minister at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, is a disciple and a discipler. She’s passionate about girls’ ministry but even more passionate about helping girls and young adult women discover and apply God’s Word personally.


We talked about the differences between mentoring and discipleship (you can mentor without discipling, but you can’t disciple without mentoring.) We talked about big ol’ mama CheezIts (you had to be there!) and being real and honest before girls. We even discussed whether girls should be co-discipled by a guy and a girl simultaneously. Interesting stuff.


I came away with a renewed passion for mentoring and discipleship. I came away remembering the people who discipled me. And I came away thinking that I love the fact that the way discipleship works best—among women and between women—is the way God set it up in the first place (Titus 2). I love that about God.


If you weren’t able to join us for that conversation on March 23 with Pam Gibbs, Amy Pierson and Chris Adams, you can still listen to it and see the presentation online. Just go online here. Let me know if you crave CheezIts after you listen. I’ve started craving them as I’ve typed this post!

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