10 Questions for Women Finding Accountability Partners

Ever wonder how to know if someone is compatible as an accountability partner? And whether they are truly seeking to spend the time in spiritual disciplines and growth? Here are some questions you might ask.

1.    Are you comfortable around this person? Is she open? Does she put you at ease?
2.    Do you trust her with personal issues?
3.    Does she challenge you spiritually?
4.    What fruit can you see in her life from her walk with Christ?
5.    Do you know her to be a woman of the Word?
6.    Can she be honest about your successes and areas that need improvement?
7.    Does she seem open to committing to prayer and time spent together?
8.    Is she full of the Holy Spirit?
9.    Is she committed to God’s work?
10.  Has God led you to this person for accountability during this time?
Pray for God to send you a friend who will be your accountability partner even as you serve as hers.  If you want to learn more about forming that kind of relationship (and even helping the women in your ministry develop these partnerships) check out Heart Friends: Beginning and Maintaining a Small Accountability Group.


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