Frazzled Female Friday!

Post by Cindi Wood
Girls, I want you to know something. And, I want you to know it in your heart of hearts! I want you to know it so completely, that you automatically turn to this truth each time your peace is ruptured or you become unsettled. I want you to grasp it when you become distracted by the stresses of daily living…THERE’S POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
His name is above every other name. His is the highest name, the most wonderful name in all of Heaven and earth. When you breathe His name through faith, you can stand victoriously in the midst of any circumstance that challenges your peace and your sanity.
Paul tells us in Ephesians 1:19 that there is unlimited and immeasurable power for us who believe…
Yes, believing in the Name of Jesus – what a gift! When we choose to call on His name with a genuine and humble heart, great power is released. And that power is wrapped in the assurance that our needs are resting in the very heart of God.
Girlfriends from Walker, Louisiana and Roxboro and Williamston in North Carolina – have recently gathered to focus on His Name. At each event, we grabbed our attention and focused it on Jesus. His joy and peace seemed to wash over us as we simply turned to face Him and with genuine hearts, breathed His Name.
I would love to hear how “simply turning to Jesus” is changing the course of your day. How is breathing His Name making a difference in your life?
I can tell you this; you delight the heart of God when you, in childlike wonder and trust, stop everything else, and call on His Name.


  1. Patti says

    I was privileged to be a part of the event in Roxboro. The “sweetest” thing that has happened since the event for me happened Sunday morning. I got up early before church sensing a call from the Lord to “spend some time with Me.” I sat and just called the name Jesus. I then asked Him to point me to some songs about the cross. I got my Ipod and hit shuffle songs button. In my ear came a medley of “In the Cross, Worthy is the Lamb and Crown Him with Many Crowns”. I looked down and there it was “Cross Medley” on Travis Cottrell’s cd “Unashamed Love”. I sat and cried. God is so good. My Ipod has over 700 songs on it and He shuffled it to just the right spot. I believe firmly as Cindi taught last week that a personal, down to the smallest detail involvment of the Lord in our lives is crucial. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Cindi.

  2. CAROL says

    I read your post and I need to remember that about there is power in Jesus name when I feel like I can’t stand I take care of an elderly mother and sometimes it can be so challenging that I want to throw in the towel. I am the only daughter here in town the rest of the family is out of town to far to be here even once a week. So sometimes I feel like the ground is going to cave but I am getting better than I was in the beginning thank My Sweet Jesus. Thanks for posting.
    Then me being unemployed have been since Oct 09 But God is in control here so I need to trust Him

  3. Anonymous says

    I did this very thing recently. I was teaching and had to put a difficult student out in the hall for a few minutes till I could get the class working on an assignment. As I stood at the door to go out and talk to the student I put my thoughts on Jesus and just prayed “help me to know what to say and to deal with this situation in a way that will glorify you”. He did, I had a good conversation with the student, he listened and sincerely apologized for what he had done. Jesus was right there when I needed him and I need to remember that in every moment of my life

  4. Amy says

    I grew up in a church that sang praise songs long before praise songs were popular. After reading your comments, I can close my eyes and hear a church full of people from my childhood singing acapella “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, There’s Just Something About That Name.” I remember even as a child thinking “This is what Heaven will be like!” Even so, come Lord Jesus!!!

  5. Patt says

    Oh my yes! Recently in a difficult job situation I was feeling so disconnected from Him. I was letting my circumstance rule my relationship. In a moment “There’s Something About That Name” came to my heart and spirit. I just started humming it so no one but He and I could hear and I was lifted beyond my circumstance. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something about that name!”

  6. PB says

    It gives me peace to be able to spread my arms and say Jesus in the bad and good times. Thanks for teaching me that He does want me to talk to Him and spend time with Him no matter what the situation may be. I listen to a devotion on my radio each morning coming to work, and they always play a song. Last week every song in some way went back to the cross. Thank you for the wonderful message that you brought to appx. 200 ladies (plus 3 men) at Theresa Baptist Church on 3/13/10.

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