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As a women’s leader, do you struggle to figure out what will reach and motivate all women? Have you discovered that what works for one generation, probably WON’T work for another one?  How do we connect all ages of women for spiritual growth and ministry? We have tried to help you understand all the generations through our Top Ten series.  Last week, we hosted a live web cast and discussed this further in a panel discussion of leadership women. We shared what we have experienced in training and what we desire as we discover ways to reach and connect each generation from preteen girls to senior women.  Click here to view the recording of this Generations.  The Unbroken Chain: Ministry Through the Ages with Chris Adams, Lead Women’s Ministry Specialist, Pam Gibbs, Girls’ Ministry Specialist & Betsy Langmade, Women’s Event Coordinator.

We ran out of time before we could share some of the comments made by older and younger women. The assignment was for the older women (they could decide which was which!) to share one thing they would want a younger woman to know. The younger women shared one thing they would like to know from an older woman. The responses were so touching and showed how easy it really is to invest in and mentor other women.

Comments to an older from a younger woman:
I would like to know what your secret is to having a happy marriage. What made you so close?

I would like to know how old you were when you became real, took off your mask and made a difference? Did you ever go through times when you felt spiritually blank, but you knew you were full of the Holy Spirit?

I want to have your grace and wisdom and to know how you let patience have its perfect work when your heart was full of longing, when it ached and sorrow seemed your only friend. How did you battle fear?

How did you know God loved you and how did you know you loved Him back?

I want to have someone I can vent to. I love my mom but sometimes info just doesn’t get through to me. I want someone that I can cry on their shoulder, or yell, or just bounce ideas off of. Someone that will show me and help me learn how to study the Bible. Just another person I can talk to that will love me no matter what, just like my mom.

What do you see when you look back on life that was not as important as you thought it was when you were younger, and what did you disregard that you realize now is a very important part of life?

Comments from an older to a younger woman:
This is such a violent world. What is it like for you to navigate through.
Do you wonder about kids, your kids? What comfort do you need right now?
What do you wish someone would tell you? If you could influence one change,
where would you invest?

Go with God, no matter what it costs you!! Serve an audience of one—The Lord, and stop trying to please everyone around you. Remember that every decision that you make is seed that you are sowing. Your first ministry is to your family. Trust the Lord., wait on Him and He will direct your path.

My desire for you is that you would share with me the joys and delights of your life as well as your sorrows and cares. I would love to be involved in walking with you as you raise your children. I would enjoy spending time with you and sharing my heart with you about the wonderful love of Christ and ways His Word can transform you into the woman He always intended you to be!

What I would like to know about younger women is what I can do to help
and share the trials and tribulations I have been through and what I can do to
love and share Jesus with them, and what they need from me.
I want to know if I can love you and be your mentor.
To show a genuine and real person, and to let you know I truly care about you.

I would like what I, as a baby boomer, can say or do to earn your respected trust.

Prayerfully read these scriptures and share them with the women in your church as you seek to connect all generations of women for spiritual growth and service:

One generation will declare Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts.  I will speak of your glorious splendor and Your wonderful works.  They will proclaim the power of Your awe-inspiring works, and   I will declare Your greatness.  They will give a testimony of Your great goodness and will joyfully sing of Your righteousness. Psalm 145:4-7

Descendants will serve Him; the next generation will be told about the Lord.
They will come and tell a people yet to be born about His righteousness—what He has done. Psalm 22:30–31

Even when I am old and gray, God, do not abandon me. Then I will proclaim Your power
to [another] generation, Your strength to all who are to come. Psalm 71:18

This will be written for a later generation, and a newly created people will praise the LORD. Psalm 102:18

Titus 2:3–5

Share with us your ideas for connecting the generations.

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