Generations…The UnBroken Chain: Women’s Ministry Through the Ages

Recently we hosted a live web cast with a panel of leaders discuss this issue of connecting the generations through the ages.   We discussed several myths regarding this issue:

•    “I don’t have anything to offer the younger generation. They are very competent and independent.”

•    “They don’t want to hear from me. They think I am old fashioned.”

•    “I need to keep up with the latest culture (music, technology, etc.) to mentor younger girls and women.”

•    “Older women just don’t understand what it’s like to be in my shoes.”

•    The bigger the age difference, the less connection between generations.

•    Today’s women are busy. They don’t really want to invest in a mentoring relationship. “I would have to commit a lot of time to a mentoring relationship.”

The truth is the younger generation is so hungry for the touch of older women. They want to understand how they can navigate life and they want to talk to someone who is farther down the road than they are.  So, what are you doing do connect the generations?

Here are a couple of ideas (but listen to the web cast for more):
Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA hosted Generations: Link of Love through their women’s ministry. They showed a video with women from each generation talking about their generation, what their needs are, and what they have to offer women from other generations followed by a short panel with those same women. The women’s ministry leader talked to one woman in her 60’s before the event trying to encourage her to come and asked her what she thought she had to offer the younger generation. She replied, "NOTHING!"  They are very competent and independent."  Boy!  Was she ever blown away.

If we can just get the generations to communicate their desires, needs and experiences, I do not think we will have trouble getting them to connect.

What are you doing to get your generations of women to connect? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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