Frazzled Female Fridays!

Good morning blogging friends! Meet Cindi Wood. Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Cindi’s also a wife, mother of two . . . and prime material for stress overload!
That is why she has turned her focus to the needs of so many Christian women who seek support in handling the tremendous stresses of life. She’s authored I’ve Used All My Sick Days – Now I’ll Have To Call In Dead, The Frazzled Female, The Frazzled Female Bible Study, Victoriously Frazzled Bible Study, Too Blessed For This Mess and The Frazzled Female Journal Devotional Journal. Cindi is also a regular contributor in our LifeWay Women devotional magazine, Journey.
Frazzled Females is Cindi’s term for today’s schedule-scattered, brain-strained women, and so here on Allaccess, we’re going to try out Frazzled Female Fridays – FFF with Cindi Wood.
Today we’ll just set the stage for you.
From Cindi:
Frazzled Female
(fraz-eld-fee-mal) n 1: a woman of the twenty-first century who is stressed, frayed, challenged, frenetic;
I remember clearly when I first accepted the fact that I had joined the ranks of women who classified themselves as “frazzled.” Actually they didn’t call it that, but they wore the look, walked the walk, and talked the talk. I saw no one sporting frazzled tees or wearing frazzled designer jeans, but yet most women I knew had the invisible insignia FRAZZLED embossed on their foreheads. You DO know what I mean, don’t you? Here’s what frazzled looks like, sounds like, and walks like.
The Look
• A “wanna be” fresh radiant face that can’t quite make it
• A not-so-put-together outfit that used to be in style
• Signs of wear and tear on a body that was at one time of life in pretty good shape
• Traces of twitching caused by an overloaded central nervous system
The Sound
• Less than positive words reflecting a “what the heck” attitude
• Strange noises caused by gastric juices jumping around in the stomach area
• A tone of voice that more often reflects misery, disgust, and “I’ve had all I can take” instead of joy
The Walk
A heavy gait giving one the appearance of carrying an oversized dirty laundry bag as opposed to a light, springy step
A body that doesn’t move like it used to due to too many days of “I don’t have time to exercise”
Hunched shoulders from carrying too many burdens for too many people
Whether married or used to be married, single, with kids or without, working on the home front or out in the work world (or both), you may qualify for membership in the Frazzled Female Club! The Frazzled Female ministry is an outreach to all females who long for more peace and sanity in daily living.
So do you qualify? Are you in the FF club? Tell us your stories.


  1. Carol Bruntlett says

    I qualify to be in the FF CLUB
    #1. I am a female so that makes me one step closer LOL
    # 2. I currently am unemployed but looking for a job and at 52yrs of age they look at you are you crazy applying for this job or what?
    # 3. I take care of an elderly parent that requires alot of patience because it is just not easy.
    # 4. I want to be in the FF club because I am frazzeled
    Thanks Carol

  2. says

    Sign me up for this club!! I am definitely one of the top members…I’m too frazzled right now to even tell you about myself…maybe later today I will get back over to tell you about it!

  3. Rhonda says

    I just had a Saturday session with Cindi and 250 other Frazzled Females to reflect on how much Jesus loves us and how to turn it loose! My lifestyle is frazzled, but keeping Jesus at the center makes everything better!

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