Women’s Leaders STAY FLEXIBLE

Ok, I know, you are tired of hearing that. But if you have been in ministry longer than a few months, you know that if you want to finish the race well, you will have to learn how to adjust daily, to the changing issues, needs, and times!

In this third of our life lessons for leaders we see that vibrancy and freshness of ministry depends on our not getting in to a ministry rut! Because it worked once does not mean it will work again. It might, but if it loses effectiveness there is always room to ask God what will make it more successful in terms of reaching and discipling women. Perhaps it only needs a tweak, perhaps it needs a complete overhaul, but if we are not flexible we won’t be willing to even ask God the question.

I have always loved the analogy of a rigid tree that does not bend. When the tornado comes it snaps.  If it’s flexible and bends with the wind, it is much less likely to break.

According to Branda Polk, in Five Stretches to Improve Your Flexibility,  “flexibility is defined as full range of motion around a joint.”  What happens when you exert physical effort and you do not have flexibility in your joints and muscles? Pain, tears, and other injuries. You have to exercise those body parts to keep them flexible. And you have to add new movements and exercises outside the comfort zone to improve the flexibility.

My pastor David Landrith, Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville TN said this as our 2008 women’s leadership forum: Do not lack flexibility. "God delights in pushing us out of our comfort zones so we learn to trust Him and be flexible," Landrith said. "The real challenge is to maintain the posture of ‘God, you tell us where to go and we will follow you.’" Click here to read the entire article.

What bends you out of shape the fastest?  A staff member booking something on top of the women’s event you scheduled on that date months ago? Take a look at the issues. Have you booked a speaker and paid a deposit? If so, then perhaps you need to sit and have an honest discussion with the staff person. If not, maybe you need to take a look purpose of each event. What is the potential reach of each one? Is one for a smaller target while the other would reach the entire church and possibly those in the community? Be willing to give it to God and let Him direct your heart and your efforts. He might even want you and your team to assist in the church-wide event in some way.

Awwww, you say, but our team spent time and effort on planning this. Here is a quick little assessment of your “flexibility quotient”.

Ask God what He says, and go with His, not your plan. Hard, yes, blessed, yes!  Remember that motto, if it hinders, don’t!  If fighting this battle would cause more harm than good, you know the answer. Only God can direct you, but as you truly seek Him and His will, He will certainly do that.

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