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About three years ago I was looking for an online Bible study that I could do on my own. It was one of those times when my schedule didn’t match up very well with the times my church was offering Bible study, so I thought maybe I could find some downloads on the web.
The first place I looked? The LifeWay Women site. They only had a couple of downloadable studies at the time, and I’d already completed them. But I remember thinking how great it would be there were more online resources – especially since work and school schedules aren’t always compatible with attending a weekday morning Bible study.
LifeWay Women has made some mighty big technological strides over the last three years, and do you know what? Right now you can download lessons for almost 40 different Bible studies.
Oh, technology. Sometimes you just delight me.
Granted, there’s something so special about sitting in a real-live room with real-live friends and talking about real-live issues – but in those seasons of life that are a little more jam-packed than others, being able to do Bible study online is a wonderful alternative, don’t you think?
Are any of y’all using the web for Bible study right now? How do you like it?


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    I love the download studies. I’ve used them when I’ve missed a night at Bible study and I just don’t want to wait to borrow the DVD… okay, I don’t want to be RESPONSIBLE for the DVD. I know my limitations.
    I also use them when life is too busy to make it to Bible study.
    Another way I use them is for personal study. I lead a Bible study group and sometimes I just want to sit and absorb and not teach, facilitate or moderate — just me & Jesus doing our thing…. oh and the online Bible study chick too. We invite her to the party.
    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here and yes, you’re welcome.

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