Happy Gal-entines Day!!

This is my second annual Valentine’s day entry from a single gal (sing-gal) perspective.
I can blog every year on this because every year is different. Last year, I said this. This year I’m in a similar place, but still wondering when I might have a valentine and not lots of Galentines. Though I love my galentines and am so thankful for them. I have a fun dinner with them tonight. We are cooking so we don’t have to be out fighting for seats at restaurants with all of the couples. I mean, I’m in a good place but I also don’t want to rub my face in it either. :0)
Even though God alone knows when He might bless me with a Valentine, He gives me little sweet nuggets of love from Him to let me know He knows what I need and that He wired me the way He did. So its okay to long to be chosen. That’s what is so important to us as women, to be chosen by a man we love. Not just chosen but to be the ONLY one chosen i.e. there is none besides you. That’s how God likes it too.
Well, God has given me the opportunity to be chosen, even if its not by a 40-something godly guy. I visited with dear friends before Christmas that I don’t get to see often. They have three children. The middle one is a boy of 5-yrs-old. When I visited them last, he and I spent a little on the swing set in the backyard, just a swingin. Fast forward. In this family, when the children get so many marks for good behavior, homework completed, etc, they get to go on a ‘date’ with the adult or child of their choice. My little friend just received one-such reward. And who did he pick of all the people in his world to have a date with? not mom or dad, not grandma or cousins or siblings or teachers. Now mind you, it has been 2 months since Christmas, but he still chose me! I am the chosen one. And I will get to see him next week and we will have our date, whether its ice cream, or a fun swinging time, I’m going to have my late Valentines date with a very handsome godly 5-year-old. And I’m going to love every minute of it! Thank you God for remembering me with this sweet blessing! I know it is from you.
If you are single and know God loves you, how has He shown you that you are dearly loved (Coll 3:12) by Him this week? when we might be tempted to feel sorry for ourselves? Whatcha got?
All you sing-gals have a blessed day. You are dearly loved and your Father knows what you need.


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    Great post, Paige! Even though I’m young and think I’ve got plenty of time to find a Valentine, it is a battle to remind myself that God loves me and that’s really all I need.
    How cute about the little boy! I think sometimes God gives the world children to remind us adults that it’s bigger than us, that it’s not about us! He just sent the cutest 3 year old boy ever into my office with a homemade valentine:) Gotta love it!
    When I start to feel sorry for myself I also give myself a reality check and look at my life right now – not having a Valentine enables me to love God with my whole life and serve Him with all of the time I have. What an awesome gift!

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    This was great ! As a sing-gal, I’m having trouble getting my head around “sanctified singleness”, but I’m getting better ! Thanks for the reality check –
    Miss Laura

  3. Carol says

    Hi I am single as well thanks for posting this Paige I liked it whe you put at the top Gal-entines. This a.m. when I woke up I felt pretty joyful even though I am single but thats okay the song that was on my heart this a.m. was by Mandisa it goes like this
    ( How much, how much Do you really know How much, how much Well ,let me tell you How much, how much You are Loved) there is more to it but it reminded me of God Love for me He loves me for me and He came after me and He found me and He Loves me.
    Happy Valentines Day

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    For me this year – it was that Valentines Day fell on a Sunday! I don’t recall it happening before – but I’m sure it has, but the sting of being single on Valentines day was almost non-existant. I got up and went to church, was told Happy Valentines Day by some Godly men in my life who feel as though they are second fathers to me, then went to a worship service to focus my attention and worship on the One and only lover of my soul. Something about that echoed in me. We can have that celebration of love everyday. EVERYDAY ladies! Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain there will be days where I want to have a pity party, but I’m going to try my best to choose to instead celebrate the fact that I am loved by God. And that’s the BEST kind of love I’ve ever heard of.

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