FREE TRAINING: Generations…The UnBroken Chain-Women’s Ministry Through the Ages

(Post by Chris Adams)
As a women’s leader, do you struggle to figure out what will reach and motivate all women? Have you discovered that what works for one generation, probably WON’T work for another one? How do we connect all ages of women for spiritual growth and ministry? Next week, we will host a live web cast and discuss this further. Join us for a panel discussion of leadership women as we share what we have experienced in training and as we together discover ways to reach and connect each generation from preteen girls to senior women.
February 16, 2010(12:00 pm, CST): Generations …The Unbroken Chain: Ministry Through the Ages with Chris Adams, Lead Women’s Ministry Specialist, Pam Gibbs, Girls’ Ministry Specialist & Betsy Langmade, Women’s Event Coordinator

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