Life Lessons for Leaders: “Marbleize” Women’s Ministry

Now that we’ve covered preliminaries and what NOT to do, let’s get into lesson one.  Sharon Betters wrote this in an online article, Women’s leaders “see it [women’s ministry] as a program that is one layer of the church, rather than vital ingredient that is marbleized into the whole community, an ingredient that is critical to the peace and prosperity of a local church and denomination.”  

As some churches move toward a more simple structure and ministries are called to support an overall purpose that umbrella’s the whole church, the ministries with women must more and more be willing to find creative ways of ministering to and with women in all aspects of the church, not just the “programs” assigned to the women’s ministry.

We must ask the question, where are the women in our church, and how can we as women’s leaders be a resource to those groups and leaders who are ministering to women. For instance, the church may have mostly co-ed small groups rather than segmented by male and female. As a women’s leader, can you make yourself available to those small group leaders in case they have a need in their group for someone to come alongside and minister to or disciple a woman? Can you provide helpful tools, information and resources to those leaders who want to help the women in their group? Perhaps you, or other leaders are willing to be “on call” as needed throughout the church to help women.

Continually watch for places you can offer assistance to other ministries in the church. Be willing to ask, “Is there some way our women’s leaders could assist with this event, outreach, or small group activity?”  

One church lost their Shoe Box ministry leader. No one seemed able or willing to head it up until the women’s ministry leader offered to assist. No one thought of asking her so she just volunteered. These leaders made a huge impact on the lives that were touched not only by those receiving the shoe boxes, but also by those who wanted to continue to be a part of this vital ministry.

Making the ministry with women available to needs outside their specific assignments shows they care more about the Kingdom than their program. If the goal is to help women know and grow in Christ, and help them find a place to serve in the Kingdom, then why limit that only to what is on your women’s ministry calendar?  I have seen a number of times the title change in the church from women’s ministry director to women’s resource director.  That means that this area of ministry has gained enough credibility that when there is a need regarding women, or where a women’s leadership would be beneficial, people know where to turn and who to ask.

As we see the bigger picture of ministry throughout the church, the community, and the Kingdom, we have the joy of interlocking with and supporting other ministries within the local church and those in their community.

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