Help for Haiti


I am sure you, like most of the world, have been overwhelmed by the events in Haiti. We can’t even wrap our minds around the huge loss of life, homes and health. It appears too big to even know where to start.

It is refreshing to see groups immediately respond in such tangible and practical ways. It has helped us know what to do and how to get resources into the hands of those who can go and minister.  Churches have provided specific ideas for items needed, provided ways we can give directly to Haitian relief, and have embraced opportunities to go and minister personally.

Over a year ago, the Lord led our church to partner with Haiti to build an orphan village (orphanage, church and school). We have sent teams to Haiti to start the construction and even started planning an adoption ministry through our church. That was not an accident that it happened to be the country of Haiti that God led us to. Having a foot already in that door, we have collected blankets, clothes, and other items that will be sent soon. This week, we sent 4 from our church to Haiti, inlcuding our pastor.

LifeWay has also responded in tangible ways. Please visit our web site to see how you can provide "Help for Haiti".  Connect with these and other organizations to provide help for Haitians.  Sermon helps and Bible Study guides are also available.  These are excellent ways to connect and lead your small group as you seek ways you can be personally involved in assisting with the tremendous needs. Pray for God’s glory to be seen during this painful tragedy.

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