Girls & Women…Partners in Ministry?

Ever thought about how women’s ministry really starts with the girls in our church?  Do you have an active girls’ ministry?  And if you do, are the women personally involved to serve as models, mentors, and friends to these “young” women? What if we invest now, involve them now in ministry, and  seek to help them develop as leaders. Can you imagine what the future of ministry to and with women would be?

If you do not have an active girls’ ministry, perhaps as a women’s leader, you can connect with your student minister to partner in reaching and discipling girls. Offer to provide snacks or a home for a sleepover. Or chaperone a student event and spend time getting to know the girls.

LifeWay also provides training to girls and girls’ ministry leaders.  The Girls’ Ministry  Forum will be an incredible weekend of ministry and learning.  Check out the LifeWay Girls blog and watch for other ways to understand and connect with girls. Titus 2:3-5 relates to all ages of females!

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