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Merry Christmas to all of our LifeWay women gals out there. I don’t want to NOT spread Christmas cheer but I also want to take a moment to acknowledge those who have someone who is missing in their Christmas picture this year. I’m one of those people.
Two of my dear co-workers at LifeWay just lost a parent very near to Christmas. To one friend, one day she was planning Christmas festivities and the next day she was planning her beloved Mother’s funeral.
I lost my funny and wonderful earthly father 13 years ago next month. Some holidays are easier than others. This turns out to be one of the harder ones and I don’t know why. He is supposed to be in that family photo. But he is not. BUT joy of joys, I’ll see him again. Sorry, I don’t mean this to be a downer. But maybe its just a reminder to be sensitive to what others around me (and us) are going through.
Its okay to miss people this time of year. I’m one of the cheeriest people I know and God has allowed me to have a more tender heart this Christmas. Christmas just intensifies everything more. Happier, sadder, fuller, emptier, surrounded, yet lonely. Sometimes I think that’s God going…’Hey, I’m over here…this is really the way it is!!’
He came, Jesus came to this earth for a hard journey, but He persevered and in the end, He won. It was a hard road but it was a good road. It may the only piece of good news around us this Christmas. But it is the BEST news there is.
So, are you missing someone special this Christmas? if you are, we want to pray for you, tell us about them.
We’ll post something cheerier in the days ahead. I promise. We do have much to celebrate in Christ.
We love and miss you!
Paige and LIfeWay women!


  1. says

    I miss my honey, he’s deployed and though we are incredibly blessed by great communication it’s still hard to be with his family and not have him at my side.

  2. Debbie G. says

    Thank you for asking and for offering to pray. My husband passed away 11 months ago and there are no adequate words to describe how much I am missing him this Christmas season. He was an amazing, larger-than-life man and his life was a wonderful picture of God’s redemptive work. Just walking through the sadness one day at a time and trying to focus on the hope and good news that is the true message of Christmas.

  3. Susan says

    I lost my almost 18 year old son in August of 2008 due to a traumatic head injury. Last Christmas was tough, but I was still numb. I have been so sad this Christmas and at such odd times. But it has also been one of the most meaningful Christmas’s for me, because, you see, I was not saved when my son died. I believed in God and considered myself a Christian, but I wasn’t living a very Christian life. And my son had been attending a small, country church for a couple of years with some of his friends. I know he knew God – there have been signs before and after his death. I was angry at God for awhile, and then one day in October 2008, at my lowest point, I knew I was either going to break and fall into a deep, dark place, or I would survive, but I would have to have God’s help. And that is when I asked God to save me. That was the most peaceful moment I have ever known – God was in my son’s bedroom with me. I started attending the church that Thomas had gone to, began reading my Bible, and attending Bible studies. I joined the church on Easter Sunday and I am just a few pages away from completing reading the Bible for the first time. And I truly understand now the meaning of Christmas. It is not an easy road to walk, but I know with God I will survive. And I have truly learned compassion for what others might be going through.

  4. says

    What a great post Paige. Thank you for ministering to all of us who are thinking about those we love and who are with the Lord during this season. I find myself missing a dear Lifeway teammate and lover of women’s ministry- Stephanie Wright– during these days. Tommorrow marks the 4th anniversary she joined the Lord and I still miss her friendship, smile & passion for Jesus!

  5. Dana says

    Well, this holiday season I don’t actually miss my Granny because fortunately, she is still living. With that said, I know this will be the last Christmas we have with her being she was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Normally I L.O.V.E. the Christmas season but I am having a hard time lately. I know other women have walked this same road and I will be fine because I will be with her again in glory. I lool back over the last year or so and see God’s hand guiding me and preparing me for this. I focus on Granny running into the arms of Jesus and being completely healed. I mean isn’t that the reason we get up every day and live our lives for the LORD? Anyway, I appreciate all the prayers I can get! Much love to all of you, especially during this season!

  6. Melanie says

    This time of year is bittersweet for me. I have lost both of my parents to cancer and each year it seems easier and yet there is still a hole in my heart that will only be completely healed when I see them again in heaven. I’m praying comfort and peace for those who are spending the first Christmas after a loss. Cling to Christ, even when you think you can’t make another day. He will carry you and give you peace and grace that you will never forget.
    In Christ Alone …

  7. says

    I lost my big brother over 7 years ago (getting closer to 8 now). Even though we didn’t get to see each other for Christmas, we were still a big part of each other during this time. He always waited until Christmas eve to shop (AT THE MALL EVEN!!!) and would call and ask me what to get our mom or my kids.
    I always look for that call to come and of course it never does. For the first couple of years after he passed, I had the hardest time even walking into Toys R Us because it’s where he would take my girls when he was in town.
    I’ve been fortunate to be 41 and still have both of my parents and my two grandmothers. I’m also blessed to know that the loved ones who have passed on are celebrating Christmas and Easter every single day in their new Homes, for I know they are in Heaven with our Father.
    But, I still miss them here.

  8. says

    It’s been almost 9 years since we lost my grandfather to Leukemia. The holidays always bring up such beautiful memories of him and fresh emotions of missing him. Those family pictures just don’t seem right without him.
    At the beginning of the month my granny was hospitalized. We have since found out that she has cancer. Without treatment they have given her 4 months, so this Christmas my prayer is that she decides to go through with the treatment completly (she has said if it makes her sick she will not have it). It’s a selfish prayer, but if God chooses to answer differently by healing her completely in Heaven, that will be ok too. Hard. But ok.

  9. says

    Thank you for this uplifting post! It’s so sweet to recognize that everyone is not having a jolly Christmas! My Daddy passed away two years ago from cancer at the age of 96 and my step mother died suddenly last month at 90 years of age. I know that my loved ones are in heaven and for that I rejoice. But I still do feel that emptiness in my heart especially at Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Crissy says

    Thank you so much! My dad passed away 3 months ago to stage 4 gastric cancer. We were honored that he lived with me and my family for going on two years! Most of the time I feel like nobody even cares or thinks about what others are going through just what they need to get done. So I thank you so very much. Christmas was my dad’s favorite holiday and everybody knew it. He made Christmas for us so it is especially hard and feels so empty but I know the Lord is with us and that he is home for Christmas!

  11. Paige says

    Thank you to each of you who have posted about your loved ones who are either far away from you this night or who you won’t see again this side of heaven. Your stories are so sweet and moving. I am praying for each of you. Praying for sweet memories and comfort to invade your heart this Chistmas Eve Eve. I’m so thankful to have a Savior who is our shepherd and knows what grief feels like and that He is close to the brokenhearted. You all inspire me. And SUSAN! my goodness. Oh, you will see your son in heaven. He will be there waiting and welcoming. What a journey sister. Praying for Christ’s sweet presence to be close to you in these days. You and your son each gave each other life in a sense.
    In Christ’s all surpassing peace,

  12. says

    I didn’t read yesterday so this post was really for me today.
    Today would have-Dec. 23 would have been my mom’s 64th birthday. She passed away on Jan. 3, 2005. She passed away the day before we were to move to Hawaii-thanks to the Navy.
    We were able to see my mom the week of Christmas since we went home to Ohio. I also made her get prrofessional pictures done(who would have known it would be the first & last). I would love to say that it is getting easier but I really can’t. I miss her every day and this time of the year is even harder but I pray to God for his help and it gets me through it.

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