How to Destroy a Young Adult Women’s Ministry?

Let’s take a different angel on this topic and have a little fun with this Official LifeWay Research as we learn “what NOT to do!” Ever wondered how you can destroy a ministry for young women? I am sure these will help you if that is your goal:


         Enforce the policy that your members do nothing beyond showing up and sitting in the pews.

         Pressure YAW into serving where and when you think they should.

         Decide that listening to a request from a young adult woman is one step away from condoning “whining”. .

         Opt not to use volunteers under the age of 34 whenever possible, as they post unnecessary risk.

         Continue Bible study the same you have for the last 50 years, all lecture, no interaction, no Q/A. It’s safer this way since you won’t have to worry about questions you do not know how to answer!

         Only hear criticism of a time-tested, long-standing tradition when one of those pesky 20-somethigs offers up an idea to grow the ladies’ luncheon from its current all-time best attendance of four women (including the pastor’s wife).

         Don’t create opportunities for them to interact and get to know people like them. Make sure there is no way they get to be in small groups with women their age, or for that matter, older women too. Keep them isolated once they enter the church doors.


Now do these daily for a few months and you will succeed in completely destroying any ministry with young women. Let us know how it goes!  Just kidding!


If you have any other pointers, please share them with us!



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