Are you having these conversations with your daughter?

Listen now to the “Inside LifeWay” podcast with Vicki Courtney. Vicki says, “There seems to be universal issues with which “church girls” and non-church girls alike are struggling. In this podcast, she sets out to address several of those that “Mom needs to pay more attention to and have some relative, key conversations regarding.”
Vicki’s received feedback from mothers who are gaining the courage from the 5 Conversations Bible study to have these difficult conversations that include such topics as “You are more than the sum of your parts” and “Sex is great and worth the wait.”
“Don’t ever act shocked when your daughter comes to you,” Courtney said. “If you do and she tells you something and sees that, ‘Oh, wow, this freaked my mom out,’ she’s not going to come back and want to talk to you in the future. We have to make sure and have our game face on. It’s that air of confidence.”
Check out the 5 Conversations Blog. If you’ve got a daughter, my guess is you’re probably going to want to check out this study for sure.
Ya’ll have a good Wednesday!

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