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So this past Friday was a webby first for LifeWay Women: a live stream from the National Leadership Forum. When Melanie and I walked into the webcast area I was totally impressed – they had a control room and cameras and everything.

Keep in mind that if I were the person in charge of a webcast, everybody would be standing up and crowded around a webcam. Perhaps this is why I have never been employed in the fields of radio and/or television production.
It really was a bunch of fun to watch and to participate in the webcast, even if I never got the hang of the two-camera system EVEN A LITTLE BIT. It made me laugh because Paige and Melanie were so comfortable and such naturals at the whole thing, and meanwhile I was darting my eyes back and forth like a cat with some sort of nervous disorder.
Anyway, if you got to watch some of the webcast this past Friday, would you mind sharing a little feedback with us? How was the overall experience for you? Is it something you’d like to participate in again? Did you have any technical difficulties? Did you like the chat feature? And most importantly, were you as wild about Priscilla’s dress as Melanie and I were?
Your input is SO appreciated – we love y’all!
photos courtesy of Rich Kalonick


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    It was FABULOUS! Watched off and on all day and loved it! I loved the speakers, but also the behind the scenes stuff. I enjoyed the chat feature and had fun talking to other viewers and also asking questions of you guests :) It did seem like my feed was a little bit behind (based on others’ comments in chat), but I have the slowest DSL, so that may be why. VERY FEW tiny minor technical glitches (had to reload once or twice but nothing other than that, and it was probably me, not you…does that remind you of Seinfeld? “I *invented* it’s me, not you!”–George).
    So, I loved it all and hope they will do it again!! And yes, Priscilla was rockin’ that dress! You and Mel looked *just darlin’*, too, though! I loved hearing your voices and seeing your purty faces! And for the record, I did *NOT* think you looked like a nervous cat with the 2 cameras…I thought you handled yourself mighty profeshunally-like. What I really want to know is did you and Melanie get you some Mexican food while in Nash-vegas? If so, WHERE? My favorite is Mazatlan in Brentwood. And let’s talk about Mary Kassian’s haircut…SASSY! I loved it and wish I could pull it off. Sadly, I think a ‘do that awesome requires that you say “eh” and “aboot”, and not “ya-all” and “way-ull”. LOVED HER!!
    Thanks, LifeWay, for letting us normal folk (with a houseful of kids we couldn’t have found sitters for anyway) enjoy the forum from home! I’m not a “women’s ministry leader” but I’m a woman who’s trying to minister to my children and SO many things applied straight to that! THANKS!!!

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    The webcast was great! I liked the speakers and the back-stage time meeting you and Melanie and hearing your voices. I wish I could have sat and watched all day. I would definitely participate in this again. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.
    Yes, I was WILD about Priscilla’s dress! It was beautiful!! I also really needed to hear her message. I had to miss a lot of it because I was watching while working. Was this just a live feed? Or was it recorded for viewing again? I would really like to hear the whole thing and share it with a friend in women’s leadership.
    Thank you to all at LifeWay!!

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    LOVED IT!!!! I watched off and on all day while I cared for children and cooked/baked up a storm. It was like a mini vacation! There were full worship times when the baking had to stop so I could just lift my floured hands and praise Jesus and there were moments when I had to get a new towel ‘cuz I had just used mine to wipe my eyes. Because of where I live and my six sweet children and being a pastor’s wife, getting to an event like that would take a military planning team. The closest any lifeway group is coming to me this year is almost 12 hours, so this was an answer to prayer. Thank you!!!

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    LOVED It. Every bit of it (that I saw at least). Watching at work made it difficult to keep up with though…perhaps next time I’ll just go to Nashville.
    I LOVED Priscilla’s dress. Gorgeous. On her. I could never pull it off. I also loved her message (and am secretly hoping that Lifeway puts it out for download …or at least sends me a copy). It was timely. I needed it.
    I only had issues with the feed once, so I just re-loaded it. Great job Lifeway!

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    Seriously, I can’t even imagine all the behind the scenes work that goes into an all day live-stream. (Makes my head hurt just thinking about it.) BUT, what an incredible way to include those that couldn’t be in Nashville.
    How cool would it be to offer something like this for a Deeper Still or LPL? I know I would be willing to pay for it!
    Great job to all involved.
    And NO you didn’t look like a confused cat! Everyone seemed very relaxed and like they were just chatting with old friends.

  6. lavonda says

    I only got to pop on for a few minutes a few times that day… but it was so easy! Just one click, and there they were.
    One of the times I was able to see it was right when Robyn and Mary walked up… SO COOL!
    (And you all looked fabulous, by the way!!) :)

  7. Susan says

    The webcast was amazingly awesome! I was able to see Priscilla Shirer as I walked on the treadmill and so appreciated the word that she brought. Then at the end of my day I saw a bit of Kelly Minter’s concert – beautiful. I would have watched all day had my schedule permitted and was bummed to see that I missed the BooMama and Big Mama backstage banter. I’m sure that you both brought some fun! Thank you, Lifeway – very well done!

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    If I took the time to read through the comments you might address this…I want access to ALL the stuff after the fact. I wondered about either the sessions or the intervies and stuff. I couldn’t watch all day, but would love to catch some that I’m interested in!
    Thank ya!

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    First of all, thanks Lifeway for all the work you did to make the live stream happen! And thanks to those on camera who answered our questions. You guys were all so calm and collected and cute!! (I’ve decided having fabulous hair must be a pre-requisite for getting a gig at Lifeway.)
    It was really cool to type in a question and thirty seconds later, hear it live, on the air. Thanks again!

  10. Charlotte says

    Got to watch just a little bit from far away in SE Asia! Wished I would’ve caught it sooner, but it was wonderful and if I’d have known sooner I would’ve let my friends know. The quality was great. Hope you get to do this again :) Glad I even go tto say hello to my friend Travis on the live feed! This sort of broadcast will be such a blessing to those of us far away. Thank You!!

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    Loved the web cast and yes I would do it again. Missed the dress so I have no vote on that topic. The web cast was a blessing and oddly enough contributed to the sense of “sisterhood” the blog world has created. To see ya’ll and the people walking by was like seeing old friends. I caught myself going “look there is so and so…I know her (even though I technically don’t)”. Really enjoyed it:)

  12. Darcie Lyon says

    I loved watching the webcast. It was really fun to see the behind the scenes as well as the speakers. I live in mountain time so my times were off and I was at work part of the day. I hope you do it again. As a christian life coach it encouraged me and I was challenged by the leadership imput. Love it.

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    I LOVED Priscilla’s dress, but I was most fascinated with her arms. Girl has some great toned arms. If I’d slung my arms like that I’d have knocked myself out with the backlash of batwings. (And if you understand that — hello 40+ and if you don’t — you will one day)
    And the live web cast was great from what I heard, but there was this one time when two strange women just busted up in your interview…. what was that all about…..
    (Disclosure: I’m one of the two busting up women!)

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