Forum week is here!

This is a big (huge. HUGE!) week for LifeWay Women – because in case you missed the news, this Thursday marks the start of the National Women’s Leadership Forum. I have such a sense of anticipation about what’s in store for all of us.
And while I guess it’s possible that my sense of anticipation is heightened because I know I’m going to pass the exit for Henpeck Market on my way into Nashville and HELLO, STRAWBERRY CAKE, I HAVE MISSED YOU TERRIBLY, I really am so excited to see what God’s going to do at the Forum. Can’t wait.
I mentioned last week that there’s going to be a live stream from the Forum on Friday, and you can watch it right here: You can also pop over here to AllAccess and watch it in the top right-hand corner.
And if you’re a Twitter or a Facebook person and would like to help us spread the world about the live stream, here’s an abbreivated link you can use:
(Is it weird that I think that link is cute?)
(Okay. I’ll just be leaving now.)
Have a great Monday, everybody!


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