LifeWay Women in New England

A couple of weekends ago, Christi (LifeWay Women’s designer, and a very amazing designer at that!) and I went to a women’s event called Iron Sharpens Iron in Bloomfield, CT. Anyone from around that area? It’s beautiful up there for sure. Crazy, but that weekend it was as cold in Nashville as it was in New England.

So, anyway, we gave away lots of LifeWay Women STUFF. Many of you ladies up there knew us but I say a bunch of you didn’t know who we were. So it was a good experience and great to meet ya’ll. Also, we were able to see one of our very own Bible study teachers, Shaunti Feldhahn, who I just love and who’s coming out with something new in 2010 so stay tuned! We hung out a bit with Anthony Evans, Jr. who led us in some mighty worship! Anthony leads worship at our LifeWay Women Going Beyond events with his amazing, God-gifted Bible teaching sister, Priscilla Shirer. Check out 2010 events to worship with both Anthony and Priscilla at an event that will certainly change your walk with Jesus!

Now, I’m gonna end with this little video clip. The beginning shows what we do – the calm before the storm at a marketing table where we give out lots of stuff and talk to you about all the great Bible study resources LifeWay Women has to offer. Then you’ll see a glimpse of Anthony leading worship.

PS: Don’t miss the lady knitting during Praise and Worship. That’s priceless!

Ya’ll have a good weekend and be safe. As we dress up our kiddos, let’s remind them of who’s King and who’s coming back for us! 


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    Love the video! Anthony Evans is incredible. I love watching all different styles of worship — but there was a new one in this video…. knitting during the music. Interesting.

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    The KNITTER. Cracked. Me. UP.
    Ranks right up there with the time I was leading worship for a womens thing and looked over to my left and a woman on the second row was clipping her fingernails. Yes she was. Totally grossed me out.
    Loved the clips!!

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