Trav’s Top Ten!

Two weeks ago Travis Cottrell shared this at our annual City Coordinator volunteer training and I asked him to send it to me so we could put it on the blog. It is AWESOME. We especially love number four. This is proof that our worship leader can write more than songs:
You know you are at a Living Proof Live if:
1. …there are flower arrangements in the urinals.
2. …much like measuring the terror threat levels in airports, u can measure the bump it levels in women’s hair.
3. …every local Starbucks calls in reinforcement.
4. …at the end of the event, you could likely end up commissioning the person you knocked over claiming your seat.
5. …you can buy nachos AND a bible journal in one purchase.
6. …the parking situation will make u need to rededicate by the time the service starts.
7. …there are more Capri pants than people in a small country.
8. …the teacher and worship leader need an interpreter in states above Kentucky or west of Texas.
9. …you turn in a book of the bible you forgot existed.
10. …no matter how you came, you know you’re not leaving the same.
We hope to see you at the Memphis LIving Proof Live event! If you can’t come pray for us and follow us on twitter at #Lproof!


  1. says

    I put the capri’s away today and packed the “skinny” jean. I am a first time user 😉
    See you all in less then 24 hours!!

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